Black Collections

In the Black Collections, the boldest of colours is refined with each unique brush stroke, making the new pieces decadent yet graceful takes on beloved classics. Discover Black Fluted Half Lace, Black Lace, Black Fluted Mega and Black Fluted Full Lace.

Black Fluted Half Lace

Delicate florals and elegant lace borders are given a touch of sophisticated boldness with the introduction of Black Fluted Half Lace from Royal Copenhagen. As timeless as the porcelain itself, the combination of black and white brings an element of understated elegance to any table.

Black Lace

The elegant decoration is based on the Princess collection from 1978, which was inspired by the lace border from the Blue Fluted Half Lace collection from 1888. A beautiful example of how Royal Copenhagen always looks to its long heritage when creating new beautiful pieces for the future.

Black Fluted Mega

Masterfully monochrome, Black Fluted Mega is an example of the lengths you can go in reinterpreting a classic without losing its essence. Sophisticated, sharp, and contemporary. Created in 2006 by Karen Kjældgård-Larsen for Royal Copenhagen.

Black Fluted Full Lace

Every little perforation in the lace border on Black Fluted Full Lace is carefully pierced by hand and framed by hand-painted strokes. The striking black decorations on the porcelain express Royal Copenhagen's eternal quest to find new expressions for a historic craft – a meeting between the classic and the contemporary.

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