Whether the occasion calls for a beautifully set lunch table or a quick bite, handmade lunch plates in beautiful patterns or unpainted glossiness let you create truly personal expressions.


For centuries, Royal Copenhagen porcelain has adorned lunch tables across the world, and still today, both classic and contemporary collections still frame both grand occasions and everyday meals. The selection of Royal Copenhagen lunch plates proves that a plate for lunch is not just a plate. They come in various shapes, patterns and styles, perfect for creating your own personal table settings be it a Christmas lunch or a relaxing Sunday brunch.

Lunch plates ranging from 19 cm to 23 cm from characteristic collections such as Blue Fluted Plain are ideal for achieving a classic table setting with hand painted patterns originally created more than 200 years ago. Another choice is White Fluted lunch plates just waiting for colourful servings to adorn the white canvas. For a contemporary and playful style, lunch plates in Blue Fluted Mega or one of the three Elements collections are ideal. In Blue Fluted Mega, you will find coupe plates and classic plates with a wide rim hand painted in two unlike patterns. Blue palmettos are centred on the plates with Decoration No. 2, while a beautiful, stylized flower adorns the plates in Decoration No. 6. Combine the two patterns to achieve a surprising style showing selected, magnified elements from the classic blue plates of the Blue Fluted collections.

The Elements plates make it possible to create a personal style by combining 22 cm lunch plates in white, unpainted porcelain with a classic cobalt blue colour and a unique deep blue hue. Create a contemporary style using lunch plates from HAV or use blomst and Flora to bring a flowering garden inside your home.

As Christmas approaches, the lovable Star Fluted Christmas add a touch of magic to the table setting for lunch with a pattern of wreaths of spruce and adorable ornaments, while the traditional Christmas platters make up an ever-changing collection of collector’s items. Find your new favourites that make up your own personal collection of Royal Copenhagen.