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Invite guests over for cake, coffee and tea and enhance the experience with a cake stand from Royal Copenhagen. Whether it's a cake to celebrate a birthday, a colorful fruit tart at the end of summer or a selection of small cupcakes, your dessert experience will be extraordinary with a cake stand from our selection. Our selection of cake stands comes from several of our iconic porcelain sets and are a beautiful way to present your cakes and sweet temptations in a fashion that is sure to impress your guests and make dessert time something special that they will remember.

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When it comes to serving and enjoying delicious desserts, Royal Copenhagen's cake stands are ideal, as the raised foot gives an impressive look. Our cake stands are designed to add a touch of luxury to your dessert experience. Use them to decorate your favorite cake or other sweet temptations and satisfy your sweet tooth. Like the Blue Fluted Mega Cake Stand, which has the iconic Blue Mega pattern. It is a functional and beautiful way to present layer cakes or other delicious creations. The Black Fluted Half Lace Cake Stand is another example of a timeless favorite. It can be used to serve different types of cakes and adds a stylish element to your dessert table setting with its black lace detailing.

In addition to these examples, we offer a wide selection of cake stands in different designs and sizes, such as for a classic layer cake, a delicious cream cake or another dessert.

Discover the joy of arranging your cakes and sweet temptations in our cake stands and create a wonderful dessert experience for yourself and your guests. Our cake stands are not only beautiful but also practical. They are easy to clean and can be used again and again for many festive occasions. You can discover the joy of presenting your cakes and sweet temptations in our porcelain cake stands and create a wonderful dessert experience for yourself and your guests.