Black Lace

Black Lace is an new addition to the hand-painted world of Royal Copenhagen porcelain. The elegant decoration is based on the Princess collection from 1978, which was inspired by the lace border from the Blue Fluted Half Lace collection from 1888. A beautiful example of how Royal Copenhagen always looks to its long heritage when creating new beautiful pieces for the future.

Black Lace Plate, 19 cm

The 19 cm Black Lace Plate is the smallest in the collection. The elegant lace border acts as a beautiful frame for sweet deserts or delicious cheeses. The boldness of the black is softened by the delicacy of the lace decorations.

Black Lace Plate, 22 cm

The Black Lace Plate shows the beauty in simplicity. A white fluted plate with delicate black decorations that gracefully elevates the lace details on the rim. The 22 cm plate is an excellent choice for lunch or breakfast.

Black Lace Plate, 27 cm

Understated elegance. Two words that perfectly describe this Black Lace Plate. Inspired by the 1888 Half Lace collection, Black Lace is equally characterised by the delicately decorated lace border. The white fluted surface is only interrupted by the plate's hand-painted rim - the perfect choice for an elegant, yet daring dinner plate.

The History of the Colour Black at Royal Copenhagen

When Royal Copenhagen opened its doors in 1775, it was decided that the factory’s primary focus would be the blue painted porcelain. The reason for this decision was the cobalt blue colour could withstand the second firing at 1375 degrees without loosing its iconic vibrancy. Thus only two firings was necessary, keeping cost and production time at a minimum. 
Very few other colours can be used for underglaze painting. In the late 1800’s a chrome green was developed, however it lacked the vibrancy of the blue. For many years the black underglaze colour was an elusive obstacle for the craftsmen, as they struggled to find a colour formula that could withstand the high temperatures required to fire the delicate pieces. Numerous trials resulted in decorations that appeared more brown than black and it was not until 2006 with the launch of Black Fluted Mega that a satisfactory formula was achieved and the first full black collection became a reality. In the years between 2007 and 2009 a limited number of Black Fluted Half Lace pieces were created, but has since been removed from production; until now.

Black Lace Deep Plate, 21 cm

The Black Lace Deep Plate is characterized by the classic fluted design and the border of the Half Lace collection. The plate pairs beautifully with the others in the Black Lace collection or perhaps with the blue or white pieces from Royal Copenhagen.

Black Lace Thermal Mug, 26 cl

There is nothing quite as calming as wrapping your hands around a warm beverage while enjoying a quiet moment to yourself. The Black Lace thermal mug is the perfect choice for your morning coffee or afternoon tea. The elegant black lace border carefully breaks the fluted surface - a true understated classic.

Black Lace Cup, 33 cl, 2 pc

The height of these Black Lace Cups allow the flutes to stretch along the surface of the porcelain until they are carefully interrupted by the black lace border. The cups come in a convenient set of two. Perfect for sharing small everyday moments with the people you cherish the most.

Black Lace Bowl, 110 cl

The Black Lace Bowl is inspired by the Blue Fluted Half Lace collection from 1888, but in this case only the detailed lace border is decorated, while the rest of the surface is left blank, creating a striking balance between the detailed and the simple. Use the bowl for snacks or smaller sides.

The Craft

The Black Collections are painted in the underglaze technique exactly as the blue painted porcelain. The method to decorating the pieces is the same, however the black colour is slightly more challenging to work with and the talented painters must be careful when mixing the with water. Too little pigment can cause the final colour to appear grey and too many layers causes the risk of cracks in the decorations.

A contemporary combination

The Black Lace collection consists of seven pieces and the pieces are beautiful on their own or combined with Black Fluted Mega or any of the white collections from Royal Copenhagen.The black painted pieces blend effortlessly with the Nordic aesthetic of today.