Black Fluted Half Lace

Delicate florals and elegant lace borders are given a touch of sophisticated boldness with the introduction of Black Fluted Half Lace from Royal Copenhagen. As timeless as the porcelain itself, the combination of black and white brings an element of understated elegance to any table.

The introduction of a new classic

In 1888 artistic director Arnold Krog created Blue Fluted Half Lace. A beautiful collection on which a non-perforated lace border acts as the finishing touch to the iconic Pattern no. 1. The collection is completed by endearing details such as tiny snails making their way across the teapot handle and a snail shell on the lid.
The historical decoration has now been revitalized with the introuction of Black Fluted Half Lace, painted in the classic underglaze technique as known from its blue painted predecessors; the collection is a timeless classics to the Royal Copenhagen assortment.

Black Fluted Half Lace Cake Stand, 31 cm

The Black Fluted Half Lace Cake Stand is a beautiful take on an old classic from the Royal Copenhagen archives. The ornate lace details that drop elegantly from the edge and base appear reminiscent of a classic table cloth with a lace border. This cake stand is sure to elevate any sweet serving placed on the fluted surface.

Black Fluted Half Lace Teapot, 100 cl

There is beauty to be found in the juxtaposition of this Black Fluted Half Lace Tea Pot. The boldness of the black against the classic shape, makes this a piece for those looking for a highly sophisticated and elegant design. The fine craftsmanship is emphasized by meticulous details such as the tiny snail making its way across the handle.

Black Fluted Half Lace Cup and Saucer, 20 cl

Daring design meets classic elegance in this Black Fluted Half Lace Cup and Saucer. Created by artistic director Arnold Krog in 1888, the shape of this cup and saucer has stood the test of time. In this new edition, the black half lace decorations, breathes new life to the piece. A daring, yet sophisticated expression of timeless elegance.

Black Fluted Half Lace High Handle Cup, 33 cl

A true icon of Royal Copenhagen. The Black Fluted Half Lace High Handle Cup is the perfect vessel for your favourite tea of coffee. Equally beautiful in a colourful collection of cups from Royal Copenhagen or when kept in a monochrome universe of black and white.

One tricky colour

The black colour is no novelty to Royal Copenhagen. For many years the black underglaze colour was an elusive obstacle for the craftsmen, as they struggled to find a colour formula that could withstand the high temperatures required to fire the delicate pieces. Numerous trials resulted in decorations that appeared more brown than black and it was not until 2006 with the launch of Black Fluted Mega that a satisfactory formula was achieved and the first full black collection became a reality. In the years between 2007 and 2009 a limited number of Black Fluted Half Lace pieces were created, but has since been removed from production; until now.

Black Fluted Half Lace Plate, 27 cm

Delicate hand-painted palmettos and stylized flowers grace the surface of this Black Fluted Half Lace Plate. The boldness of the black is softened by the elegance of the pattern. 27 cm in size, this plate is a perfect choice for dinner, both for everyday and special occasions.

Black Fluted Half Lace Plate, 22 cm

Perfect as a lunch plate the 22 cm Black Fluted Half Lace Plate is an elegant addition to the black Royal Copenhagen universe. The porcelain's lace rim is decorated in the striking black hue and the mussel pattern unfolds from the centre.

Black Fluted Half Lace Plate, 19 cm

Even though each of the Black Fluted Half Lace Plates are decorated with the same stunning pattern, they all appear entirely different. On each plate the hand-painted decorations are adjusted to fit the size, giving each its own expression. This 19 cm plate makes the pattern look especially intricate and will look beautiful on any coffee table.

Black Fluted Half Lace Oval Dish, 24,5 cm

Based on a shape from the Royal Copenhagen archives, this oval dish beautifully displays the intricacy of the half lace . The lace border delicately follows the wavy rim of the plate and across the surface the floral hand-painted pattern unfolds. The elegant black decorations make this a stunning and sophisticated piece.

A contemporary combination

The Black Fluted Half Lace collection consists of eight pieces and the pieces are beautiful on their own or combined with Black Fluted Mega or any of the white collections from Royal Copenhagen.The black painted pieces blend effortlessly with the Nordic aesthetic of today.