A classic cup, a thermal mug, a large cup or a small. No matter how you prefer to enjoy your tea, you can find a cup or mug among Royal Copenhagen's handmade collections.


For centuries tea has been a key ingredient for cherished moments alone or in the company of family and friends. Since Royal Copenhagen was founded in 1775, specialized craftsmen have created teacups and tea mugs using techniques that have been passed down through generations.

The classic teacup from Royal Copenhagen is characterized by a shallow design and a large opening, which lets the tea cool down creating the best conditions for flavour to evolve. The feminine 20 cl Princess teacup and saucer has a beautiful design, which can also be found in the patterns of Blue Fluted Half Lace and White Fluted Half Lace. Combine the three cups to create a personal collection of handmade beauties.

If looking for something larger, you can choose the 26 cl Blue Elements teacup and saucer or a 28 cl teacup in Blue Fluted Mega. What is similar for every teacup is the handmade shapes and hand painted patterns that let each cup stand out in its own unique beauty. Royal Copenhagen’s tea mugs make for an informal style, while the handmade details still exude a classic elegance in any table setting. Choose a large 37 cl mug from Blue Fluted Mega or White Fluted and pour a large cup of tea to bring along on the balcony or in the garden and change the mugs to Star Fluted Christmas when the magic holiday has arrived and the tea changes flavours to that of orange and cinnamon.

All year-round Fluted Contrast makes for a colourful universe and the silicone sleeve keeps heat away from the surface creating the same feature as thermal mugs, which come in many hand painted patterns and sizes. No matter which collection you choose as your favourite and which colours fit your tea table, you can find cups and mugs from Royal Copenhagen that fit into a lifelong collection.