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Royal Copenhagen porcelain and a passion for gifts have been inseparable for centuries;
the precious Flora Danica porcelain was originally designed as a gift from for Catharina the Great in 1790.
Still today, a fine porcelain gift is something truly special. A gift to be cherished for a lifetime.
Total: 11
65 cl, 160 cl. 320 cl
164.00 €
Blue Fluted Plain
110 cl, 180 cl, 310 cl
226.00 €
153.00 €
47 cl, 73 cl, 110 cl
174.00 €
37 cl
92.00 €
33 cl
205.00 €
26 cl
125.00 €
Multicoloured Elements
25 cl
90.00 €
11 cm
121.00 €
47 cl
159.00 €

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