The rich details of Blue Fluted Full Lace are a testimony to the finest porcelain craftsmanship. Every little hole in the intricate lace border is carefully made by hand and accented with blue brushstrokes. Truly elaborate and beautiful. Created in 1775. Revised in 1885 by Artistic Director Arnold Krog.
Blue Fluted Full Lace is part of Royal Copenhagen Exclusives; handpicked collections sold exclusively in our own stores and on


Every piece of Blue Fluted Full Lace is a masterpiece of craftmanship appearing in an extravagant universe of hand pierced lace, delicate ornaments and angled shapes acting as a counterpart to the romantic style. Blue Fluted Full Lace has pieces to set a grand coffee or tea table, which adds a touch of magic to everyday moments and elevates special occasions to cherished memories.

Add a white cloth to the table to create a classic table setting with the extravagant teapot and beautiful cups and saucers or use the pieces with other collections from Royal Copenhagen in a contemporary combination for the garden table on a warm summer’s day.The collection also consists of a small cream jug and a sugar bowl, which can act as finishing touches on a table.

For a dinner table, Blue Fluted Full Lace consists of plates from 17 cm to 27 cm and a 23 cm deep plate. Two special plates with double lace border and open-work border stand out as eye-catching elements on any table, where they can be used as dining plates or serving dishes. Small assiettes, large dishes and a bowl on foot are ideal serving pieces for lunch, dinner and dessert. The bowl on foot is especially beautiful filled with cake, fruit or petit fours, while the assiettes are ideal to be used for small servings or as small plates on a morning table.

Like every piece of Blue Fluted Full Lace tells a story of Royal Copenhagen, each piece in a personal collection will tell your own stories of dinners and cherished moments with family and friends for generations.