Complete your coffee table with charming Royal Copenhagen cream jugs and milk jugs in a wide variety of designs, adding a classic or contemporary touch to any scene.


Finish of any coffee table and dessert table with a beautiful cream jug or milk jug from Royal Copenhagen. Each and every porcelain jug is made by skilled craftsmen who use detailed processes to shape, decorate and glaze every delicate piece of porcelain.

The small jugs are ideal to be used for milk and cream, and like any other piece of Royal Copenhagen, each of the different designs make for a beautiful style in a complete collection as well as in a personal combination of different patterns. In Blue Fluted Plain, Blue Fluted Half Lace and Blue Fluted Full Lace, you will find cream jugs in sizes from 7 cl to 17 cl. The 8 cl Blue Fluted Plain Cream Jug has a charming expression, while the 7 cl Blue Fluted Full Lace Cream Jug captivates with hand pierced lace. For a contemporary style, use the large 38 cl Blue Fluted Mega Jug or the 37 cl Jug from Blue Elements.

The large jugs are also ideal to be used for vinaigrette or dressing for salad and other dishes. The 35 cl Flora cream jug with lid has a rounded design adorned with a morning glory and touched by gold. In a combination with other pieces from Flora, you can create a lush expression of blooming flowers. For a simplistic style, choose a jug from White Fluted Half Lace or White Fluted, which stand out as unpainted beauties with surprising handmade details. Add a touch of elegance to everyday moments and find a jug that fits your needs and suits your personal collection of Royal Copenhagen.

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