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Mug - Dahlia, 33 cl
 Mug - Dahlia 33 cl
  •  Mug - Dahlia 33 cl
  •  Mug - Dahlia 33 cl
  •  Mug - Dahlia 33 cl
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75.00 €
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Graciously appointed, the blomst mug is presented on its pillar base and features a timeless Danish-inspired handle with comfort in mind. With blomst, the aim of the motif and the style was not hyper-realism, but to render flowers in an imaginative way and present blooms as precious botanical jewels. Available in four identical sizes with four different flower designs, the blomst mug is a beautiful addition to any tableware collection. The handpainted flowers are done in cobalt blue, with decorations of narcissus, sweet pea, camellia and dahlia.

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