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Royal Copenhagen presents

The Annual Christmas tables

This year, Royal Copenhagen hosts its 57th Annual Christmas Tables, inviting well-known characters to let their personal holiday traditions shine on their own personal Christmas Table under the theme of ‘Togetherness’.


Andrea Elisabeth Rudolph

According to Andrea Rudolph, her Christmas table displays perfect chaos. The modern blomst collection is mixed with heirloom pieces, family creations and personal Christmas letters in a beautiful table setting.

Lis Sørensen

” If not now, when?” asks Lis Sørensen in the chorus of the first Christmas song of her career, which sets the mood at her holiday table, which salutes togetherness and nature.

Peter Mygind

The traditional Star Fluted Christmas service is accompanied by Santas and elves on Peter Mygind's table where children and adults alike can keep on exploring the many details.

Adam Aamann

To Adam Aamann, the Christmas preparations begin early with homemade spice schnapps and aromatic marinades for the herring. The long table is decorated with moss, spruce and apples while classic Blue Fluted Plain meets the new HAV collection.

Ida Wohlert

Classic Blue Fluted Full Lace and Half Lace, passed down through generations, is combined with pieces from Blue Elements and Princess on the table dedicated to Christmas at Ida Wohlert's grandmother's country house in Sweden.

A loving Christmas tradition

This year's table setters, who come from different professional backgrounds and holiday traditions, all see the holidays as the most special time of the year, which now more than ever is a time of light and hope in the cold months.
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