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Annual Christmas Tables

For the 54th time Royal Copenhagen reveils the annual Christmas Tables in the Flagship Store in Copenhagen, Denmark. Participate in the journey on


Alban Lendorf

The flip side

"We want to shock the senses and challenge traditions by twisting reality and showing the other side of perfect. The result is a deconstructed Christmas setting" explains Alban Lendorf. He has invited his best friends along for the ride: scenographer Simon Witzansky, ballet dancer Benjamin Buza, brother and carpenter Willum Lendorf-Thim and composer Andreas Bernitt. Together, they experiment with the creative process to illustrate that the perfect and delightful always mirrors the imperfect and painful - also inside the ballet.

The five friends have created a raw and powerful universe. Alban's brother Willum has scavenged a giant tree trunk from the forest that supports a broken marble table top. The table is set with Royal Copenhagen’s Full Lace service in an unglazed edition and decorated with Benjamin Buza's expressive poems. The scene is set by Simon Witzansky's unique scenography and Andreas Bernitt's atmospheric music while a disturbing scene, consisting of a mirrored pyramid, a ballet barre, walls covered with the Blue Fluted pattern and porcelain covered with skulls, juxtaposes the beauty. Traditions have been transformed into freedom, and it becomes evident that everything has a price: it costs blood, sweat and tears to reach perfection.

Alban Lendorf (1989) graduated from the Royal Ballet School and was named a principal dancer in the Royal Danish Ballet in 2011 after being employed as a corps dancer in 2008. Alban is a bright star on both the Danish and international scene. An expressive and powerful dancer who has danced in nearly all the big productions. Currently he resides in New York and dances as a principal dancer at the American Ballet Theatre and the Royal Ballet.

Ida Praetorius

The afterparty

 "I wanted to create a tribute to love – in the artistic sense and in the sense of togetherness. The thought is that there should always be room for one more at my table, because after a successful premiere, we all need to reflect and share the big and small moments that we only know on stage" says Ida, who has created a warm, inviting space that blends Hviids Vinstue, where the dancers often meet in December, and an adventurous and magical bar in New York.
The deep and intense colours of jewels form the basis of Ida's Christmas setting, which is centred on a bronzed mirror, covered with the sophisticated Purpur Fluted Full Lace and Blue Fluted Half Lace, lots of richly-coloured drinking glasses and silverware for the many small dishes that guests can sample. A long bench allows guests to squeeze together while comfortable chairs and extra stools are close at hand so friends can join in after a stroll across the delightfully decorated Kongens Nytorv in Copenhagen. The atmosphere is as dramatic and intense as a spicy mulled wine, served on a starry December evening. The informal meets the theatrical and Christmas magic happens.

 Ida Praetorius (1993). Principal dancer in the Royal Ballet in 2016 and graduated from the Royal Ballet School. Ida started as an aspirant in 2010. She is an acclaimed ballet dancer with an already storied career, and despite her very young age, has already danced lead parts in several ballets. Ida has danced in Hamburg, New York and Moscow.


Andreas Kaas

A moment of closeness

“I’m a ballet dancer, but I am also 24-year-old Andreas. My Christmas Table reflects both the dancer and the young man that is me” insists Andreas Kaas, who has chosen to create a Christmas table that could have been placed in his own apartment. This is where he would invite a group of close friends over for lunch – a dream scenario in a busy December, where The Nutcracker is performed almost every evening.

The setting is casual and unpretentious. In Andreas’ home furniture is mixed and matched in a surprising and youthful collage. This is also the case with his Christmas Table: a simple table top with colourful handmade stools and chairs. The poster on the wall is from one of Andreas' first performances: The Nutcracker in 2001. On the opposite side is a mirror wall that expands the world, while it is a ballet barre that sets the limits. The table-setting is just as eclectic as the décor: a beautiful blend of Fluted Signature, which symbolizes the eternal quest for renewal, and White and Blue Elements, which take traditions to new places with youthful exuberance.

Andreas Kaas (1993) has been a soloist in the Royal Danish Ballet since 2016 and is a graduate of the Royal Ballet School. He was an aspirant in 2009. Andreas is referred to as an immense talent. He is an elegant dancer with technical ingenuity, a flair for the dramatic, great artistic understanding and an unmistakable intuitive sense of the roles he communicates on stage.

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