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A piece of history

Make every year special

Royal Copenhagen Collectibles
Every year we pass tells a unique tale. Throughout the years, Royal Copenhagen collectibles have told tales about war and peace, love and unforgettable moments. Like the little girl feeding swans by the lakes in Copenhagen. Or the kneeling angel from 1945, marking the end of World War II. Each product tells a story, and from the moment you hold it in your hand, it becomes part of your story too. Perhaps you bought your first collectible the year you met the love of your life, and another one the year you first became a parent. Or perhaps you own the entire series of collectibles.

Royal Copenhagen Collectibles

Porcelain memories since 1908

A new motif every year
The Christmas plates from Royal Copenhagen have been issued every year since 1908, each one with a unique motif. The relief for the motif is handmade by the most talented modelling artists based on the designer’s drawing, and the plates are produced with utmost respect for the proud tradition of the craft. Over the years, different artists have designed the motifs for the series of collectibles, which always includes a plate, a figurine, a bell, a drop and a cup.
All Royal Copenhagen plates

Bing & Grøndahl collectibles

The world’s first Christmas plate

The beginning of a tradition
The idea of Christmas plate originated with Harald Bing, owner of Bing & Grøndahl, who hired Swedish artist Frans August Hallin to create the motif. Hallin’s technique of cutting the motif for the plate in relief created a very detailed expression. The first motif was the Copenhagen skyline. Only 400 copies of the plate were produced, but it became the start of a Christmas tradition that thousands of collectors anticipate with excitement every year.
All Bing & Grøndahl plates
Bing & Grøndahl collectibles

A piece of Danish cultural history

The world’s first Christmas plate
The Copenhagen night sky embellished with the finest ice crystals. “Behind the frozen window”, the world’s first Christmas plate, saw the light of day in 1895. It was made with exquisite craftsmanship by Bing & Grøndahl. Thirteen years later, in 1908, Royal Copenhagen launched their first Christmas plate featuring a motif of the Virgin Mary. Both series of collectibles have fascinated and attracted passionate collectors from around the world. Click here to see the full collection with its many captivating motifs and stories. It is Danish cultural history at its most beautiful.


A story takes shape

Storytelling in porcelain
The stories that unfold on each Royal Copenhagen collectible are also tales of a deep love for the unique tradition in great craftsmanship. Each motif is meticulously brought to life through hundreds of little grooves, carvings and engravings that require the artist to have complete mastery of the craft. In fact, of all the products in Royal Copenhagen’s line, our collectibles are made with some of the most demanding and advanced manufacturing techniques. It is the only way to bring a great story to life.
The craft

From sketch to reality

Making a collectible
When the artist has set the last lines and shadows of the motif, the plate is handed over to the sculptor who creates a plaster model of the motif; a demanding technique since the varying depths of the carvings and engravings influence the colour nuances on the final plate. Then, the plate is created from the plaster model and put for firing.

A motif comes to life

Making a collectible
Next, the porcelain painter brings the motif to life in Royal Copenhagen’s classic blue colour. The painting is one of the most time-consuming steps in the manufacturing process. First, the plate is painted by airbrush. Then the colour is gradually removed to bring out the nuances of the motif. Even a single mistake by the painter means the plate must be discarded.
The craft

Final touches

Making a collectible
When the painting is done, the plate is glazed and then fired. Finally, the plate is inspected for even the smallest inconsistencies, and if it does not meet Royal Copenhagen’s strict quality standards, it will be discarded. The final product is not only crafted to perfection, it tells a story that also becomes your story. A memory, and a little piece of history. Created to last for generations. When the production of the collectibles is complete, all plaster and work models are destroyed. This makes the motif impossible to recreate and secures the uniqueness of the collection.


Certificate of authenticity

Markings of uniqueness
A certificate of authenticity is unique to the Royal Copenhagen and Bing & Grøndahl Collectibles plates. To guarantee authenticity, the plates bear the logos of Royal Copenhagen Bing & Grøndahl. The master model is destroyed at the end of each year, making it impossible to reproduce the motif again. See the certificates here:
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