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Elements Anniversary

A bold change of scenery

Playing with heritage
A decade ago, Royal Copenhagen introduced the innovative, playful, and mischievous Elements dinner service with Multicoloured Elements and White Elements. A few years later, the third variation, Blue Elements, was added. Designed by Louise Campbell, Elements is a contemporary play with traditional Royal Copenhagen patterns, shapes, and aesthetics. With a respectful nod to tradition, Elements presents a joyful dance between classic elegance and playful informality.

Explore the universe of Elements below.

Elements anniversary

Designing Elements

A dance with traditions
For Louise Campbell, designing Elements was a dance with the legacy and traditions of Royal Copenhagen. A dance where the historic aesthetics brought to life by masters of the past are invited to let loose in a playful new expression filled with details, quirky surprises, and the informality of modern life.

"In my view, Elements is playful. It’s so important for me to try and say, don’t be afraid of using it, play with it, have fun with it."

- Louise Campbell


Elements Anniversary

A classic gamechanger

Playing with heritage
The Elements dinnerware and its three variations mark a profoundly new expression of classic Royal Copenhagen elements. Informal playfulness bursts in organic shapes; a cloud-shaped dish, a bowl with a narrow waist. Colours bloom in a carefully chosen but free-living palette in hues of the rainbow. With surprising details that endlessly continue to unfold for the viewer, every fragment of Elements is truly game-changing, bringing new life to a classic aesthetic.

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