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Purpur Fluted Half Lace

Cup and Saucer 25 cl

A touch larger than the similar 20 cl set, the 24 cl Purpur Fluted Half Lace High Handle Cup and Saucer is a hand painted favourite for teatime. The elegant set is skilfully hand painted with deep red brush strokes on the glazed porcelain surface, creating a delicate but strikingly beautiful surface.

Designed by: Royal Copenhagen
Product start: 2023
Material: Porcelain

Product Care

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The Signature
The delicate decoration of the hand painted porcelain is comparable to the painter own signature and like any other piece of art, Royal Copenhagen skilled blue painters leave their signatureon the underside of every piece of porcelain.

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15 cm
15 cm
9 cm
25 cl

Purpur Fluted Half Lace

The purple colour dates back to the 1600s, where German alchemist A. Cassius developed the glowing, intense shade. When Frantz Heinrich Müller founded the Royal Danish Porcelain Factory in 1775, he kept this very formula in his notebook. In later years, Royal Copenhagen has brought the historic recipe back to life for the overglaze hand-painted decoration on Purpur Fluted Half Lace. 

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