A dinner party calls for a beautifully set table. Whether you create a full experience with pieces from your favourite collection only or you combine various collections for a personal expression, Royal Copenhagen frames the table for shared memories.


Dinner plates from Royal Copenhagen come in many sizes and even more shapes. Even the most simplistic of plates are created through numerous processes and techniques handed down from one craftsman to another through generations. Whether setting a table for your loved ones or grabbing a quick weekday meal, Royal Copenhagen makes the moment a bit more special.

Create a contemporary style with dinner plates in Blue Fluted Mega or Black Fluted Mega adorned with magnified, hand painted elements inspired by classic Royal Copenhagen collections. The 27 cm plates come in two different patterns, which can be combined in an extraordinary colour symphony of cobalt blue, black and dark grey. Combine Blue Fluted Mega and Black Fluted Mega with classic dinner plates in Blue Fluted Plain or Blue Fluted Half Lace for a surprising fusion of the contemporary and the historical patterns. Choose unpainted dinner plates in White Fluted or White Elements for a clean and elegant style. The 27 cm White Fluted dinner plates provide a blank canvas to be decorated with tasteful dishes of any colour. A 34 cm oval plate provides a different and elegant option for setting a table of elegant flutes.

In White Elements, you can find 26 cm and 28 cm dinner plates with a playful combination of flutes, fish scale decorations and the rimmed edge of Flora Danica. While many of the classic collections are hand painted with blue floral patterns, you can find plates from Flora and blomst, where the flowers stand out as central elements on the porcelain. The gold rim and naturalistic flowers in bright colours on plates from Flora make for a romantic style, while the angled dinner plates in blomst combine the classic with the contemporary in an interpretation of the Blue Flower collection from 1779.

Each and every dinner plate from Royal Copenhagen can be combined with other collections to set a table, which expresses your personal style and reflects the occasion.