Royal Copenhagen Coffee Guide with Original Coffee

by Royal Copenhagen

The best way to enhance a perfectly made cup of coffee, is by serving it in the perfect cup. Together with Original Coffee, we have created a Coffee Cup Guide that takes you through all the must-know coffee tips and brings you inspiration for how to serve your creations - whether you are making them for those you love or treating yourself to a quiet moment.

general tips

Find your perfect recipe. The slightest changes to the way you brew your coffee can alter the taste. Spend time exploring your preferred beans, using the perfect amount of coffee and water and adjusting the settings on your equipment. And finally - take notes so you can remember for next time. 

Use filtered water. High levels of minerals in your drinking water can affect the taste of your coffee and your equipment. Invest in a machine that filters water for you or in a carafe with a water filter. 

Buy your coffee beans fresh roasted, but check the roasting date. The beans require a few days to "settle" after they have been roasted. For black coffee you should wait 7-10 days from the roasting day to use the beans and for espresso as long as 10-14 days. 

Use freshly ground coffee. Once your coffee has been ground, the flavour changes quickly. Only grind the amount of coffee you need and keep coffee beans in an air tight container to prolong the flavour.

And finally...find your perfect cup. Some cups may be more suited than others for certain drinks, facilitating the perfect coffee-to-milk ratio or allowing for the foam to distribute evenly across the coffee's surface. But what ultimately matters is what feels just right to you.


A single or double shot of espresso combined with steamed milk and foam

Original Coffee Tip - follow the technique from the latte, but let air into the milk for 4-5 seconds. The heavier the milk, the easier it will be to create beautiful latte art patterns. Original Coffee uses organic 3,5% milk for their Cappuccino. 

Cups for cappuccino


A single or double shot of espresso combined with steamed milk and a light foam

Original Coffee Tip - the milk should rotate around the steam wand when properly inserted. Carefully bring the steamer wand to the milk's surface to let air in for 3-4 seconds, creating a light whistling noise, and then lower it again. The milk is perfect when you can still touch the pitcher for a few seconds. Original coffee uses organic 1,5% milk for their latte.

Bonus: If you order a "latte" in Italy, you might risk being served a glass of milk. Ask for a caffè latte instead.

MUGs for Latte


A single or double shot of perfectly brewed espresso

Original Coffee Tip - Mastering the art of coffee means mastering the art of espresso. Spend time finding the exact amount of coffee and pressure when you tamp the coffee. At Original Coffee the perfect espresso shots emerges slowly from the portafilter and develops into a nice even flow of coffee. 

Espresso cups

Flat white

A double shot of espresso with steamed milk and very light foam

Original Coffee Tip - Follow the technique from the latte but let air into the milk for 2-3 seconds. Original Coffee uses organic 3,5% milk for their Flat White - which they actually call a Foss, named after a customer

Bonus: The Flat White originated in Sydney, Australia.

Cups for a Flat white

black coffee - moccamaster

Black coffee brewed on a machine like a Moccamaster

Original Coffee Tip - Different methods require different grinds and amounts of coffee. For Moccamaster coffee the grind should be relatively fine and you should use roughly 5,5 grams of coffee per 100 ml of water, however, it takes a few tries to get it just right - remember to take notes.

Bonus: A cup of freshly brewed black coffee has more caffeine than an espresso due to the size and the amount of time the coffee spends in contact with the water

about original coffee

Original Coffee has been  an expert provider of coffee to Copenhagen locals since 2012. With a carefully curated and sustainable selection of coffee they strive to fullfill coffee needs in their cosy cafés, on the run or at home. They offer the opportunity to enjoy the perfect classic coffee experience as well as the chance to challenge the tastebuds with new and flavourful blends. 

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