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Royal Copenhagen
Christmas Tables

Since 1963, the Royal Copenhagen Christmas Tables have been a beloved tradition with changing themes and tablesetters.

Christmas Tables 2018: Flower Tales

Creative intuition, a love of materials, and an eye for detail are the hallmarks of the Christmas Tables, a classic Royal Copenhagen Christmas tradition. This year, seven creative profiles have created enchanting Christmas Tables, each interpreting this year’s theme with their unique talents: A tribute to the flowering universe of Royal Copenhagen.

The world of flowers has been a special love for Royal Copenhagen since its founding in 1775. The Blue Fluted Plain and its iconic hand-painted flower pattern marked the beginning of a deep love for the floral universe, expressed in graceful, hand-painted designs for more than 240 years. 

This year's Christmas Tables unite Royal Copenhagen's love for the world of flowers with dedication to impeccable craftsmanship by empowering these seven creative profiles to interpret the universe of flowers with their own personal twist


A loved tradition

Since 1963, Royal Copenhagen's Christmas Tables have been a recurring event with changing themes and designers. Each year's table designers have the opportunity to create their own personal Christmas universes and moods using Royal Copenhagen's porcelain as a defining part of the setting. The Christmas Tables give visitors a special experience during the busy Christmas season; an experience that places the traditions of Christmas in a new and artistic light.

This year marks the 55th annual Royal Copenhagen Christmas Table exhibition at the Royal Copenhagen Flagship Store in the heart of Copenhagen. The exhibition also provides lots of ideas and inspiration for your own Christmas decorations and Christmas table. 

 The Christmas Tables will be open from Wednesday 21st November and can be experienced on the 2nd floor of Royal Copenhagen Flagship Store, Amagertorv 6, 1160 Copenhagen K until 31st December.


This year's Christmas Table Artists

This year's Christmas Table Artists

Edition Poshette: Ode to Beauty

“We must plant a seed and let something beautiful grow from it – especially during Christmas, where we have to remember to slow down, spend quality time with each other, and use our hands to create”, says Simone, who, like her twin sister Helene, found inspiration for their Christmas Table in their childhood memories of the story Tistou: The Boy with Green Thumbs, written by the French Philosopher Maurice Druon. In the story, Tistou can make plants grow faster with his magical gift of green thumbs. Together with the dreamy gardener Moustache, Tistou uses the power of flowers to change the world.

With a starting point in Tistou’s adventurous and innocent approach to the world, Simone and Helene, who together form Edition Poshette, have created a spherical garden in white and green. Tistou’s white horse and his heavenly ladder covered with flowers are complemented by elegant bouquets, water jugs, chandeliers and angels, all clipped and folded from old books, cards, and paper. They set the stage for a breath-taking table covered with Royal Copenhagen’s famous Flora Danica dinnerware and modern White Elements.

Twin sisters Helene Schjerbeck and Simone Bendix (1967) are the creative forces behind Edition Poshette. They have recently released their first book Paper Poetry in English and German, and it will be published in Danish by Gyldendal in 2019. Helene is an architect and resides in Montepulciano, Italy. Simone graduated from The Bristol Old Vic Theatre School in 1992 and resides in Paris.


Effi Pingel: Set the Poetry Free

“My Christmas is not tied to traditions. We have always done a lot of travelling in my family, so I’m used to Christmas not always looking the same”, says Effi Pingel, who has set her inner child free and let her Christmas universe bubble with life, magic, and poetry – with a twist of humour. And though it’s a Christmas Table, there is a hint of Spring and a promise of new beginnings. Nature is brought inside, and the branches and flowers attract Effi’s intricately handmade bumblebees, butterflies, dragonflies, and beetles to a table set for three.

The unique fauna consists of small handmade sculptures made of silk, beads, and fur. Animals are busy exploring the berry branches and coniferous forest to complete this little section of the garden of paradise, Effi has chosen to set her table with the poetic Flora dinner service, which is an homage to Royal Copenhagen’s tradition for flowers, which began with the grand Flora Danica. Each Flora plate is decorated with a different flower and is designed by Anja Vang Kragh.

Effi Pingel (1975) is Denmark’s only fleuriste. She graduated from Copenhagen’s Fashion Design Academy in 2000 and spent four years as a tailor at The Royal Danish Theatre. She has worked with costumes and flowers at several Danish theatres, in film and in the fashion industry. Effi was educated as a fleuriste while attending the Fashion Design Academy and continued her studies at Atelier Legeron in Paris, where she learned how to transform silk, feathers and pearls into beautiful flowers. She has had her own workshop in Copenhagen since 2014.


Helene Blanche: A Tribute to My Grandmother

“My Christmas is synonymous with love, warmth, gratitude, and reflection – it’s a time when my thoughts centre on my Swedish grandmother, who has been my artistic and aesthetic source of inspiration since I was a child”, says Helene Blanche, who spent her summers and Christmas holidays with her grandmother. It’s in this childhood fantasyland on Anemonevej that Helene’s imagination run s wild and the flowering garden creates the perfect poetic frame to enter Helene’s Christmas universe: An atmospheric tent that touches all senses, where focus is turned inwards, and where love has plenty of space to unfold. Helene has created a tent which, on the outside, is covered in her own fabric, Painted Stripe, and on the inside is lined with a floral Rubelli textile from the 20th century.

A soft layer of moss creates the foundation for a wonderful mix of Christmas porcelains, including Blue Fluted, Seagull from Bing & Grøndahl, Triton dinnerware, platters, figurines and the Art Deco-inspired Dagmar dinner service, designed by Thorkild Olsen in 1938 for Royal Copenhagen. The tent is decorated with Helene’s hand-painted silk cornets, grandmother’s biscuits and lots of flowers. Everything is kept in a warm palette of reds, greens, yellows, oranges and black.

Helene Blanche graduated from Central Saint Martin’s College of Art and Design in London as Textile Designer in 2002. She handles the creative management of the family business, Tapet-Café, and designs their in-house textile and wallpaper collections, which are exclusively sold in selected showrooms across Europe and USA.


Leif Sigersen: A Universe in Motion

“Christmas is a process, not just a single evening – it’s a mood that encapsulates the entire season”, says Leif about his Christmas, which already starts during the summer when nature is rich with flowers, plants and inspiration. Nature, in the form of a spruce twig pulled from the earth at the island of Læsø, is also the centrepiece for Leif’s dramatic and dynamic Christmas table, where movement and the passing of time are quite literally the focal point.

In his earth-toned room, Leif has centred a worn wallpaper table set with White Fluted Half Lace dinner service for two, vintage glasses, and golden cutlery. The table is decorated with flowers made from cups, plates made of raw porcelain, and platters of metal. The expressive poetry is highlighted by the old wooden furniture playing against the polished glass and sil ver. It’s a universe in motion. A golden chair hangs from the ceiling and dips a single leg into a rotating cup filled with sparkling silver, while the ‘tears’ of an ice block slowly melt into a glass. Time is passing yet standing still at the same time.

Leif Sigersen (1965) graduated as a floral artist from Tage Andersen in 1989 and is the creative force behind LS – a design company that specialises in interior design and decoration as well as styling. For 15 years, he ran the legendary boutique Gaven til Paven in Copenhagen and later Butik in New York together with the Danish supermodel Helena Christensen.


Marianne Eriksen Scott-Hansen: In the Name of Love

"Food is not the centrepiece of my Christmas – the spirit of Christmas is. The red rose that unfurls its petals at the centre of a table set for a lavish party is a symbol of love and salvation”, says Marianne Eriksen Scott-Hansen, who has chosen to offer guests at her Royal Copenhagen Christmas Table an Agape feast. Agape refers to the most well-known meal of the Christian church; the communion.

Across the table, Marianne has spread silk paper flowers of all sizes, inspired by the flower motifs on Royal Copenhagen’s blue flowery porcelain. There are also clear references to the rose , which, like the thistle, the thorn, and the palm, carries Christian symbolism. The flowers are Marianne’s interpretation of the spiritual nourishment that we taste and enjoy at Christmas time. The table is ready for the feast and is set with pitchers, bowls, and platters in classic Royal Copenhagen Blue Fluted Plain and Blue Fluted Half Lace mixed with the newly launched blomst dinnerware. A halo visualising the crown of thorns hangs over the table predicting the coming of light and Easter.

Marianne Eriksen Scott-Hansen graduated from Denmark’s Design School in 1995. She went on to establish the fashion brand Daughters of Style together with Kristina Søndergaard from 1999 -2002. Marianne currently works as a paper artist with projects for Viktor & Rolf, Karl Lagerfeld, Fendi and Georg Jensen among others.


Rasmus Andersen: A Symphony of Metal

“Christmas symbolises calm and reflection – to me, the season begins the night before Christmas, where I can leave a busy month behind me, find a new pace, and make the finishing touches to a gift for someone close to my heart”, says Rasmus, for whom Christmas contains equal parts of chaos and tradition – a combination that also aptly describes his Christmas Table, which is set for a dinner in the golden warmth of candlelight.

The chaos is represented by a centrepiece decoration filled with expressive flowers, cut from thin sheet metal. A coloured concrete table provides the stage with the only textile element being soft napkins. The universe is punctuated with Rasmus’ metal vases and candlesticks, which are paradoxically masculine and femininely fragile in their expression. He has chosen to link the hard and the soft with Royal Copenhagen’s Multicoloured Elements with grey flowers. The dinner service, which is designed by Louise Campbell, has a design edge and duality that, when mixed with the flowers, feels right at home in Rasmus’ dark winter universe.

Rasmus Andersen (1966) is a self-taught metalsmith who has operated a workshop in the centre of Copenhagen for the last 30 years. He has created works for a wide range of customers, including restaurants, and has a close partnership with Flower Artist Tage Andersen, with whom he develops artistic designs.

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