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A world of white and blue

In a forever embrace, the crisp white and hand-painted blue hues of Royal Copenhagen have gone hand-in-hand for centuries. This summer, you can stock your cabinets with classic White Fluted or Blue Fluted Mega at a special price.
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Timelessly simple

20% off White Fluted

Special offer
White Fluted came to life in 1775 as the base shape of the well-known Blue Fluted Plain. Today, we can enjoy the beautiful flutes in their purest form on White Fluted. Clean and elegant.
310 cl
77.00 € 61.60 €
80 cl
54.00 € 43.20 €
20,5 cm
98.00 € 78.40 €
75 cl
62.00 € 49.60 €
A modern classic

20% off Blue Fluted Mega

Special offer
A clearly contemporary dinner service, Blue Fluted Mega is still firmly rooted in the Royal Copenhagen heritage. The familiar pattern of Blue Fluted Plain is interpreted in new and surprising ways, charmingly magnified in each piece’s unique hand painted pattern.
28 cl
77.00 € 61.60 €
54 cl
153.00 € 122.40 €
70 cl
81.00 € 64.80 €
20,5 cm
143.00 € 114.40 €

Annual catalogue 2019

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