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Enchantingly romantic

The delicate and romantic Princess pattern came to life in the 19th century,
originally envisioned as a tea set. It would take more than a century
for Princess to be transformed into a full dinnerware service in 1978.
With borders encircled by delicate late, Princess is enchantingly romantic.
Discover Princess

Timeless treasures

Blue Fluted Plain

Elegant finesse

Blue Fluted Full Lace

Modern interpretations

Blue Fluted Mega

Elements Anniversary

This year, we celebrate the 10-year-anniversary of Louise Campbell’s
Elements pattern; a playful take on Royal Copenhagen aesthetics.
With a respectful nod to tradition, Elements establishes new rhythms
of a classic tune, playing with shapes, setting patterns free and letting
colours flourish. Dive into the Elements Anniversary celebration
and discover the colours, shapes and design thoughts behind the pattern.

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