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Black Fluted Full Lace

Vase, 22 cm

Representing the most subline of Royal Copenhagen craftsmanship, the larger of two Black Fluted Full Lace vase exhibits a great level of detail in both modelling and hand-painting of the difficult black colour. A beautiful and elegant centerpiece for the table or a sure-to-be cherished gift for a special someone.

Designed by: Royal Copenhagen
Product start: 2024
Material: Porcelain

The Three Waves
Proposed as The Royal Danish Porcelain Factory trademark in 1775 by Queen dowager Juliane Marie, every piece of Royal Copenhagen porcelain is instantly recognised by the three blue waves on its underside symbolising the Sound, the Great Belt and the Little Belt - the three main waterways of Denmark.

The Signature
The delicate decoration of the hand painted porcelain is comparable to the painter own signature and like any other piece of art, Royal Copenhagen skilled blue painters leave their signature on the underside of every piece of porcelain.

Product Article Number
International Article Number
22 cm

The Collection

Black Fluted Full Lace, introduced in 2024, is part of a century-long cultural heritage. The inspiration stems from the classic Blue Fluted Full Lace, created in 1775 and revised in 1888. The carefully perforated lace edges and meticulous brushstrokes are an example of the finest in porcelain craftsmanship. With the addition of Black Fluted Full Lace, the classic now takes on a new monochromatic expression while preserving the essence of the craft. 


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Two iconic vases from Royal Copenhagen launched in Black Fluted Full Lace

Gift Wrapping

A gift from Royal Copenhagen tells a story even before it is opened, and the gift wrapping itself truly makes it a gift like no other. Fit for that someone special.

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