Nothing sets the mood like lighting a candle. The glow of a flickering flame adds a sense of warmth, calm, romance and elegance to any setting. And when your candles are kept in precious Royal Copenhagen candle holders or votives, you are sure to elevate any moment – big or small.

Lighting candles is a key part of creating true “hygge”. When we meet up with loved ones, the glow of the flame spreads warmth in our souls and surroundings, and the candle holders we place the candles in stand as beautiful table decorations. Choose votives and candle holders that match your home interior and which reflect your style or the occasion you have invited friends and family to celebrate with you. When hosting a celebration of any size, handpainted candle holders and votives from Royal Copenhagen will make your table setting even more beautiful and add a timeless touch.

Royal Copenhagen votives are elegant and discreet in their beauty. Choose the classic pattern of Blue Fluted Plain – our very first collection, which has existed since 1775 – for an eternally stylish addition to your home. Whether you collect Blue Fluted Plain porcelain or not, the votives will look stunningly elegant on the table or the windowsill.

You can also choose votives from the popular Blue Fluted Mega collection – created in 2000 by Karen Kjældgård-Larsen – whose floral pattern is a reinterpretation of Blue Fluted Plain. Finally, go with White Fluted votives for a clean, graceful look. Or combine the different collections; our pieces are made to bring out the best in each other.

From Blue Fluted Mega you can also choose a classic candle holder. With or without a candle, these pieces will add beauty to your home décor. Use it together with the rest of your Blue Fluted Mega porcelain or let the beauty of the handpainted candle holder speak for itself when standing on an otherwise bare surface.

When the festive season approaches, bring out the candle holder from Star Fluted Christmas. The delightful collection epitomizes Christmas spirit and will soon become an invaluable part of your holiday get-togethers. The charming spruce garland on the candle holder adorns all pieces of the collection – from bowls and mugs to plates and dishes.