by Royal Copenhagen

Christmas dinner is one of the highlights of the year, where we gather with friends and family from near and far. We all have our own traditions, which we look forward to every year, and for many people setting a beautiful table for the big day is one of them.

Just like the menu, the table setting can be the same year after year, but why not add a personal touch? Below we have listed five ideas for Christmas tables, each with their own style.


With the traditional Christmas table, the beauty is in the simplicity. Many will bring out the same tableware they have used year after year; but even if this is the first time you will be setting the table for Christmas dinner, you can still create a table that oozes history and tradition.

Royal Copenhagen’s Blue Fluted Plain collection was created in 1775 as our very first collection, and today it adorns tables all over the world with its timeless, classic flower pattern. When you set the table with Blue Fluted Plain, you serve 250 years of porcelain history, and therefore the collection is the perfect choice for the traditional Christmas table.

Blue Fluted Plain has been the foundation for a number of our other collections, and the different patterns are made to be combined with each other. If you wish to set a traditional Christmas table with a slight edge, we recommend combining the collection with White Fluted Half Lace and Blue Fluted Full Lace. The three collections complement each other beautifully, and the repetition of the pattern and the colour scheme creates a calm table setting despite the strong decorations on the handpainted porcelain.

Set the table with Blue Fluted Plain plates for the main course, and serve the dessert in delicate bowls or plates with double lace border from Blue Fluted Full Lace. For treats and nuts, bowls from White Fluted Half Lace will be a graceful contribution to the table.

Simple decorations are most suitable for the traditional Christmas table. Perhaps you have a beloved heirloom or a few Christmas decorations from your childhood? Decorate the table with things that bring back cosy memories, and which complement the exquisite porcelain.

With the traditional Christmas table, you serve memories and history – the essence of a wonderful Christmas.               


Clean and white like freshly fallen snow, Royal Copenhagen’s white collections create Christmas spirit by discretely reflecting the sparkling tree and bringing out the long awaited feast.

Create an elegant Christmas table that is contemporary yet full of history by choosing collections such as White Fluted Full Lace or White Fluted. The understated elegance creates space for colourful decorations, or keep the table beautifully minimalistic in light, neutral tones.

By combining different white collections, you bring out their individual details and give your table a slight edginess to complement the crisp, clean look.

Serve the turkey or roast on a beautiful dish from White Fluted and sides like roast potatoes in graceful bowls from White Fluted Full Lace. High handle cups from White Elements are a beautiful way to serve after-dinner coffee, and when it’s time for a few more treats, bowls from White Fluted are ideal.

A magical white Christmas.

The table in the picture above was set by Cecilie Nissen Haugaard for the annual Christmas table exhibition in 2021. 


The porcelain becomes a Christmas decoration in itself when you set the table with Star Fluted Christmas. Each piece of porcelain is decorated with a spruce garland with ornaments and a golden rim, which make Star Fluted Christmas the epitome of festive yet elegant tableware.

Apart from dinner plates, the collection consists of beautiful dishes for your goose or turkey, a sauce bowl for gravy, deep plates or bowls for dessert, cups for after-dinner tea or coffee and much more.

Use the pieces throughout December to get into the festive spirit, and bring together your full collection of Star Fluted Christmas on Christmas Day.


Blue on your Christmas table creates a beautiful contrast to the traditional red, green and gold that many of us associate with December. A fresh and different Christmas table that is still stylish and cosy. The cobalt blue colour has always been connected with Royal Copenhagen and is used to handpaint a number of our collections. It is beautiful to combine pieces from different collections, where the blue colour ties the table setting together while the varied patterns make the table personal and unique.

Set your table with dinner plates from HAVfor the main course, topped with smaller plates from the Princess collection for your starter. Add serveware like bowls and dishes from the Blue Fluted Plain collection – or any of our other handpainted blue collections that you love.

Decorate the table with little pine sprigs, which suit the blue hues beautifully and bring the smell of Christmas to the table. Tie them together with pretty ribbons or Christmas ornaments from Royal Copenhagen – a cosy detail that makes your table extra special.

Only the sky is the limit.


It’s fun to be creative when it comes to the Christmas table setting, since most traditions in December are not to be meddled with. When setting the table on Christmas Day, you can play around with ideas that incorporate something familiar or are completely new and exciting.

First decide on a colour scheme and whether you would like the table setting to reflect a certain theme. We suggest bringing nature inside with green tones on your tablecloth, mapkins and decorations. Pine or rosemary sprigs smell divine and both make for beautiful decorations. Arrange the sprigs in a beautiful vase, place a few next to each plate or make a centerpiece with a focus on green, for instance with little balls of artificial moss. If you need more inspiration for your centerpiece, read below.

If you decide on a green colour scheme with a loving nod to nature, porcelain from the blomst collection will be a beautiful choice. The collection’s elegant pattern and unique brushstrokes gracefully complement the rest of the table.

With nature in focus, another natural choice for serveware is Royal Creatures. This whimsical collection features animals from the coast, the shallow waters and the deep seas, and its almost fairytale-like style is made for Christmas. A handpainted grasshopper, a fish or a swan greet your guests as they sit down for the most anticipated meal of the year. When it’s time for coffee and dessert, you are joined by quirky octopuses, dragonflies and herrings that adorn smaller plates and mugs.

Make this Christmas your very own with a creative Christmas table.


With a centrepiece for your Christmas table you can express your personality and add extra colours and “hygge”. A centrepiece doesn’t have to be hard or time-consuming to make, even simple things can tie your table setting together and make this Christmas Day unforgettable.

Vases with lush flowers is an easy and pretty option. Which flowers you should choose depends on your Christmas table setting, and the same goes for your choice of vases. Royal Copenhagen’s large selection of vases add grace and elegance to the traditional, the creative and the contemporary Christmas table alike.

A pine garland or pine sprigs arranged down the middle of the table is a rustic and cosy centerpiece, which oozes Christmas spirit. Tie a couple of ornaments to the pine, or place candle sticks or votives alongside the garland – but be careful to keep a safe distance between the candles and the green sprigs. Choose between candlesticks and votives from the collections Blue Fluted Mega, White Fluted, Blue Fluted Plain and Star Fluted Christmas, all of which can be beautifully combined with other collections. This fresh centerpiece works particularly well with a table set with Star Fluted Christmas, with the blue Christmas table and with the traditional Christmas table.

You can also arrange your most beloved Christmas ornaments on one of our elegant étagères. Place Christmas baubles and ornaments side by side with nuts and little treats. To make it even easier, place the decorations in beautiful bowls or on a stylish dish. Even simple things create a festive atmosphere, and the simpler the idea the easier it is to fit to your specific Christmas table.

Merry Christmas!

The tables in the pictures were set by Gun Britt (above) and Svinkløv Badehotel (below) respectively, both for the annual Christmas table exhibition in 2019.