Easter is colour and springtime, cosy gatherings and time spent with loved ones. The smell of freshly mowed grass and newly fallen rain drifts in through the open windows as we sit down together to enjoy beloved traditions and tasty food.

Invite friends and family for Easter lunch and create true spring vibes with a table set for the occasion. Below you’ll find plenty of inspiration for setting an Easter table that stands out with colourful Easter decorations and timeless porcelain collections that reflect your personality, creating a setting for an unforgettable Easter lunch.

Continue reading for lots of Easter table ideas. Happy Easter from Royal Copenhagen!


Create a truly springe-themed Easter table with beautiful Royal Copenhagen collections. Interpretations of delicate flowers adorn everything from the historical Blue Fluted Plain to the colourful Flora.

Royal Copenhagen’s signature cobalt blue colour is used to hand-paint the majority of our collections. Find the pattern that best reflects your personality and combine it with napkins and a table cloth of the same colour to create an elegant blue Easter table.

Classic white collections like White Fluted Half Lace make for an elegant backdrop for any meal and is especially suited for someone who wishes to draw focus to the Easter decorations, allowing their colours to truly stand out. Or combine our white and our hand-painted collections and experience how they bring out each other’s fine details. With its minimalist aesthetic and simple, asymmetrically placed flowers, the blomst collection is a fine choice for combining with white porcelain on the Easter table.

To create a colourful spring table, choose plates from Flora, where each piece is adorned with a flower in full bloom. When it’s time for coffee, serve it in mugs from Fluted Contrast, which come in a rainbow of colours.


Easter decorations play a big part in creating the special atmosphere we associate with one of spring’s most beloved holidays. Royal Copenhagen’s Easter eggs bring a rainbow of colour to the table with their exquisite floral motifs. The Easter eggs come in packs of one or two, depicting either the flower in its entirety or its petals up close. With their bright pastel colours, the eggs are the perfect Easter table décor, ideal for combining with each other and brightening up any table setting.

Create an Easter centerpiece in the form of an egg tree by arranging branches in an elegant vase from Royal Copenhagen and hanging the colourful eggs from them. Choose a vase from one of our timeless collections, whose hand-painted patterns or delicate white surfaces bring out the decorations. Or how about a vase from our Spring Collection, whose motif matches that of the eggs.

Also try scattering Easter eggs on your table; they will add a bright touch of colour to your table setting. Or place then in pretty bowls that go with your collection of choice.


Royal Copenhagen’s collections are made to be combined with one another. When two collections are placed side by side, details in shapes and patterns stand out more beautifully than ever before.

The historical Blue Fluted Plain, which was created in 1775 as Royal Copenhagen’s first collection, has been the inspiration for each and every piece of Royal Copenhagen porcelain created through nearly 250 years. The delicate flutes and hand-painted flowers and palmettos appear on a number of our collections in a myriad of interpretations, which will create an unforgettable Easter table in glorious combination with each other. Why not combine Blue Fluted Plain with Blue Fluted Mega, whose floral pattern is an enlargement of our “Pattern no. 1”?

Or choose two of our most recent classics such as Royal Creatures, which depicts whimsical animals from the shores and seas, or HAV, whose blue nuances and fine fish scale decorations is stunningly elegant. A contemporary and eclectic combination.

The contrast between a white collection like The contrast between a white collection like White Elements and colourful Flora creates a unique elegance. The many details of each piece of porcelain will delight and surprise every guest. Serve the starter from Flora plates, and reveal White Fluted Half Lace in its beautiful entirety, when the main course is served. and colourful Flora creates a unique elegance. The many details of each piece of porcelain will delight and surprise every guest. Serve the starter from Flora plates, and reveal White Fluted Half Lace in its beautiful entirety, when the main course is served.

Most importantly, combine the collections you love and cherish the most. That way you will create a truly personal Easter table.


Fresh flowers are ideal decorations when setting an Easter table. The fragrant petals and green leaves provide an incomparable sense of springtime, leading your thoughts towards summer and sunshine.

Beautiful Easter table décor can be as simple as a bouquet of fresh flowers in an elegant vase. Invest in a timeless vase that you can use for special occasions like Easter gatherings as well as those small everyday moments. A vase from Royal Copenhagen is decorative on its own too, adding beauty to any home whether filled or not.

Set the table in your garden for al fresco Easter dining, and feel nature close to you while you enjoy your meal and each other’s company. Pick a handful of flowers and arrange them down the middle of the table as a graceful and understated Easter table centerpiece.

Last but not least you can bring flowers to the table simply by serving the meal, or tea and coffee from one of our many floral collections, created with every little detail in focus.


Little chickens, fine napkins, colourful Easter eggs, a small vase with a single flower. It’s the details that round off your Easter table, making lunch or dinner extra special.

Don’t stop at decorating your home with beautiful Easter eggs – delight your guests with an Easter egg each, elegantly wrapped and placed on top of each place setting with a handwritten note. At Royal Copenhagen we are always happy to wrap your presents free of charge.

Serve snacks and side dishes in beautiful bowls that complement the rest of the table setting. Combine different collections so the quirky nature of springtime truly comes out. Explore all our collections and find your next favourite.

A bonbonniere is an elegant way to serve little treats. When the lid with the delicate flower is gently lifted to reveal a selection of mouthwatering sweets, it will excite all your guests. A beautiful addition to your porcelain collection, which will grace your table long after Easter.