Nikolaj Stokholm and Isabella Stokholm - The Great Family Christmas

”Out with traditions and in with festivities and cosiness”, says Nikolaj Stokholm, who insists that everyone put in an effort to create a wonderful party come Christmas time. The table should be beautifully set, the home should be decorated so it leaves nothing to be desired, and the guests are expected to contribute to the holiday spirit – preferably dressed for the occasion.

Every year since they were married, Nikolaj and Isabella’s home has framed their family’s Christmas. Each bringing their own holiday rituals into the relationship, the couple felt the need to create their very own traditions; traditions that have now become a point of togetherness for their entire shared family. And the couple generously invite anyone who wishes to join into their beautiful holiday home.

Our very own party

”We have both brought along fragments of our childhood Christmas with traditional foods and dancing around the Christmas tree, but we have created our very own party. It begins in the afternoon with champagne and confectionery and ends with hotdogs and cold beer when the kids have gone to sleep”, says Isabella.

Set the table

Heirlooms and glass ornaments

Christmas is celebrated throughout December, starting off with bringing out the box of holiday ornaments from Nikolaj’s grandparents. The Christmas tree is decorated with heirlooms and glass ornaments, and new ornaments are added every year. The couple carefully pick out new ornaments on their annual holiday trip to the Tivoli Gardens.

The joyful sides of life

Aesthetics are important to both Isabella and Nikolaj, which is obvious from their elegant Christmas Table, which balances classic and contemporary elements. The couple have set the table with the collections; Princess, Blue Fluted Plain and Blue Fluted Half Lace combined with blue glass plates, colourful mouthblown drinking glasses and crystal wine glasses. The table mirrors the couple’s family histories, their joint passion for a classy home and their sense of the joyful sides of life.

Set the table

About Nicolaj and Isabella

Nikolaj Stokholm (b.1990). Comedian. Tours the country with his popular one-man show. Winner of Comedian of the Year in 2021 at Zulu Comedy Galla. Married to Isabella and father of Osvald, who will soon have a baby sister.

Isabella Stokholm (b.1993). Studying for her master’s degree and is also an influencer. Married to Nikolaj Stokholm since 2016 with whom she shares son Osvald and a daughter who will soon join the family.