Søren Le Schmidt

Christmas is an enchanting time. In the middle of a dark December we gather with loved ones and find comfort in traditions. But while you sit in the cosy glow of candle lights and warm yourself with a hot drink, why not allow yourself to dream? What if Christmas was a chance to do something new, grab those closest to you and disappear into a new Christmas universe where dreams and reality come together in the most enchanting of settings? This is the foundation for Royal Copenhagen’s Christmas Table Exhibition 2022.

Christmas transformation as inspiration

The term ’Christmas stress’ is not registered in the Danish dictionary and I find that interesting. It’s a term that everyone knows and everyone can relate to in some way,” explains fashion designer Søren Le Schmidt who has made ‘Christmas stress’ the theme of his table. In Søren’s hectic schedule with wife Nikoline and their one-and a-half-year-old twins, Christmas stress in inevitable, but to him it can also be magical. It is part of the transformation that happens when peace finally settles in on December 24th and everything turns out well after all.

From Christmas Stress

Søren’s Christmas universe reflects the transformation from Christmas stress to Christmas bliss. On one side everything is white and chaotic. Glass, cutlery and furniture is scattered across the room and Royal Copenhagen’s minimalistic and graphic White Facet collection lies shattered on the table. On the wall a poetic art film plays, underpinning the stress that leads up to Christmas Eve.

to Christmas Bliss

The other side of the room displays Christmas as Søren experiences it from Decemer 24th. Calm and full of “hygge” and togetherness. The table is set with the exclusive HAV collection and glasses and decorations matching Søren’s unique aesthetics. The centrepiece is small Royal Copenhagen UNIKA sculptures by Steen Lykke Madsen. The Christmas trees in both rooms hang from the ceiling, out of children’s reach - exactly as it will in Søren and Nikoline’s own home. This way they protect the Christmas ornaments that they each pick out to reflect the year that has passed. A new tradition they hope to pass on to Marlon and Mio.


Within the theme “An Enchanted Christmas”, this year’s exhibition explores the invited table decorators’ dreams and thoughts when their creativity is set free. With one foot planted in their own Christmas traditions and the other in their specific branch of the arts, the table decorators reach for a Christmas full of creativity and magic.

items from søren le schmidt's table

About Søren Le Schmidt

Fashion designer of men’s and women’s collections. Known for his stunning gowns for Danish and international celebrities and members of the Royal Family.

A close up of the drapes from the christmas tables 2022

Christmas Tables 2022

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