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All-in on Christmas in Denmark

"Christmas is wonderful, and it means the world to me to be in Denmark in December. I love the Danish Christmas with all the familiar traditions of my childhood, and it is such a lovely occasion to gather friends and family from near and far," says Lin Utzon, who, although she has lived and traveled in many parts of the world throughout her life, prefers a genuine Danish Christmas with an Advent wreath, a large decorated Christmas tree and hymn singing in the church on Christmas Eve.

A tribute to Royal Copenhagen

Lin enjoys decorating and setting a festive and lavish Christmas table with simple but effective features. In many ways, the Christmas table is a tribute to Royal Copenhagen, which, according to Lin Utzon, helped establish her as an artist when she was first invited to decorate a Christmas table in 1986.

So, she sets the table with her own collection of porcelain – which was never put into production – decorated with azure blue dots. The tableware is accompanied by elements from Royal Copenhagen's White Fluted collection, as well as a series of boat-shaped and dotted bowls designed by Lin Utzon's friend, ceramicist Ivan Weiss.

Sumptuous and simple

The table is set for twelve people, leaving room for children and grandchildren coming home from all corners of the world – all of whom love Danish Christmas just as much as Lin Utzon herself. The white piqué-woven damask tablecloth forms the serene base, which is counterbalanced expressively by red and pink tissue paper, and a ribbon of silver paper with room for plenty of silver baubles and live candles. Behind this table which is at once sumptuous and simple and a testimony to the artist's sense of colours and materials, hangs one of Lin Utzon's own works: a large three-winged ceramic relief with an imaginative pattern, which poetically represents the different epochs in a life marked by constant change.

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About Lin Utzon

Lin Utzon (b. 1946). Artist, ceramicist, and textile designer. Born in Denmark, educated in Sydney and Copenhagen. Currently residing in Mallorca and Hellebæk. Has created works in many different materials and formats. Known for her extensive ceramic wall reliefs for public spaces in Denmark and abroad. Daughter of architect Jørn Utzon. Mother of artists Naja Utzon Popov and Mika Utzon Popov. Lin Utzon first set a Christmas table for Royal Copenhagen in 1986.