The painted harald for the 2023 winner

The Harald Award 2022

The Danish artist Henrik Vibskov has decorated the 2022 Harald prize

The artist

Henrik Vibskov is an award-winning Danish fashion designer, artist, curator and musician. He is most known for his work in the fashion world, but he works in the cross-field between art and design.

the process

Henrik Vibskov has decorated three owls: one for the award recipient, one for himself and one for the Royal Copenhagen Historical Archive.
three harald awards in different stages of being painted

a close up of the designer painting one of the harald awards

colour samples chosen for the 2022 harald award

The Harald award winner 2023

the winner 2022

Professor MSO Jørgen Olsen from the Department of Cellular and Molecular Medicine won the award for his revolutionary work with making anatomy more understandable and interesting for the students.

Photo: Nikolai Linares


Foto: Arts and Objects by Henrik Vibskov. See more
previous work fom the designer

previous work fom the designer

previous work fom the designer