Beautifully honouring the legacy of Flora Danica, Flora carries the historic floral motifs into the future. Every piece is adorned with its own flower, as fresh as it was just picked from the gardens of Denmark. Created in 2012 by Anja Kragh Vang for Royal Copenhagen.


Combine a personal bouquet of your favourite flowers from the Flora collection and create feelings of spring and summer in your home. A loving nod to the iconic collection of Flora Danica, Flora consists of naturalistic depictions of flowers from a Danish garden, and on some pieces the flowers are partly depicted in monochrome versions to show the artistic approach of creating each floral decoration.

Set a summer table on the balcony or in the garden using the classic 27 cl high handle cups and accompanying saucer with delicate gold details, which shimmers in the light of the sun. The high handle cups are ideal to be used for any warm beverage and the many flower motifs can create personal combinations that reflects the season and your mood. Bring a cup to your favourite relaxing spot and use it for tea together with the charming teapot and the sugar bowl and create a tranquil moment amidst daily chores. Flora consists of several serving pieces such as the functional bowls in sizes from 50 cl to 300 cl, which are ideal to use for breakfast, snacks and servings of seasonal vegetables and fruit. Each bowl also stands out as an eternally blooming element in any room of the house, almost smelling of a hot summer’s day.

Use the oval dishes as serving dishes in a romantic combination with plates in sizes from 22 cm to 27 cm and set a flowering lunch table or dinner table or make a stack of plates for your guests to choose their favourite flower. The smaller 26 cm dish is also useful as a dinner plate or a steak plate.

Flora also consists of an exclusive set of six espresso cups and saucers each holding 10 cl. The espresso cups are a favourite gifting idea or a romantic addition to a personal collection of Royal Copenhagen. Flora can be combined with any other collection, such as the classic Blue Fluted Plain, creating a surprising juxtaposition of naturalistic flower depictions and stylized florals.