AN ODE TO LOVE - Rose Bonbonniere Limited Edition

In celebration of TM The King and Queen of Denmark's 20th wedding anniversary, Royal Copenhagen introduces a Limited Edition Rose Bonbonniere. 

The Rose Bonbonniere is a Limited-Edition piece only available in 2024 and is sold exclusively in Royal Copenhagen’s own stores and 

The Rose Bonbonniere

Flowers, an eternal symbol of love, convey feelings like nothing else. Love finds its most classic expression in the wedding, where flowers take center stage in the bridal bouquet. The most perfect of them all is the rose – a conveyor of innocence and eternal loyalty. 

Porcelain wedding

In Denmark, the 20th wedding anniversary is known as ‘the porcelain wedding’, and it is customary to gift couples with porcelain to celebrate the anniversary.

In occasion of the 20th Anniversary of the wedding of HM King Frederik X and Queen Mary of Denmark, we introduce the Rose Bonbonniere Limited Edition. With a nod to the Daisy Bonbonniere crafted to honour HM Queen Margrethe II's 50th year on the throne, the Rose Bonbonniere features an intricate relief of a rose on its lid.