Black Lace

Deeply rooted in centuries of fine craftsmanship and the art of hand-painting, Black Lace is a refined addition to the everlasting world of Royal Copenhagen porcelain. A fresh, bold take on the popular Princess collection, Black Lace is made to shine on its own as well as in the company of other timeless classics.


Based on the delicate Princess collection, Black Lace adds a bold, monochromatic touch that will not go unnoticed. Like Princess, Black Lace features a decorated lace border with the rest of the surface left blank, creating a striking balance between the detailed and the simple, which stands out more than ever in the sophisticated black hues. Add your favourite pieces from Black Lace to your collection of Princess porcelain, or start a brand new collection of this unique addition to the long list of timeless Royal Copenhagen classics.

Start your day with a refreshing sip of hot coffee from the Black Lace thermal mug along with a hearty portion of porridge served in the deep plate. The two items bring undeniable beauty to the most important meal of the day, creating a special moment to truly set the mood for an extraordinary day ahead.

Understated elegance perfectly describes the Black Lace plates. For dinner, choose the 27 cm plate. The large plate showcases the exquisite lace border, which will frame your favourite meals in the most elegant and daring way. At lunch time, the medium 22 cm plate is the perfect choice. Experience how the beautiful porcelain seeps into your mealtime, elevating it to new heights. When it’s time for dessert or an afternoon treat, bring out the beauty that is the smallest Black Lace plate, measuring 19 cm. The bold black pattern stands out as an eye-catching contrast to a delicate sweet creation.

For snacks or a small side salad, treat yourself to the Black Lace 110 cl bowl. The bowl will round off your table setting as a discreet yet striking statement of elegance and beauty.

The tall Black Lace cups are perfect for sharing a special moment together. For someone you love, the set of two will be a cherished gift that will soon become a stable part of your small everyday moments together, adding beauty to even a grey and cloudy day.