When you give a gift with breakage warranty from Royal Copenhagen, you can send the digital breakage warranty to the recipient without needing to provide them with the receipt.

Click below to see how and find answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Royal Copenhagen gift a breakage warranty


Follow these simple steps to transfer the breakage warranty for gifts you are giving.

  • 1 Select the place of purchase

    Select whether you purchased the item from this website, a physical retailer or a webshop other than You must have a copy/photo of your receipt for this step.

  • 2 Select the products for gifting

    Add the products you are gifting to someone else.

  • 3 Tell us who will receive the gift

    Supply the recipients contact details and select which date you would like them to be notified of their new breakage warranty. You can also add a personal message.


Yes – you can certainly provide the receipt along with the gift when you give it, and the recipient can then register their porcelain for breakage warranty on our website. We only require that it is visible on the receipt where the gift was purchased, when it was purchased, and what was purchased.


You can see HERE  which countries the breakage warranty is valid in. However, please be aware that we can only replace the product with one of the same model if it is available in the country where the recipient lives. If the particular product is not available, we will replace it with a similar item according to the Terms & Conditions for Breakage Warranty . This is primarily relevant for products purchased in Europe and given to a recipient in the USA.
Yes – the warranty period always starts from the date of purchase, as this is the only date we can verify.
When a breakage warranty is registered in the recipient's name, their membership status determines the length of the warranty period. If they are not members of the Royal Copenhagen Collectors' Club (and do not wish to be), they receive a 2-year breakage warranty. If they are members or create an account before accepting the breakage warranty, they receive a 3-year breakage warranty.
The receipt is necessary for us to verify the purchase, so it is not possible to create a breakage warranty without a receipt.
As the sender of a breakage warranty, you do not receive notification of whether the warranty has been accepted or not. Occasionally, recipients may want to return or exchange a gift without informing the gift giver. Therefore, we have chosen not to send an email to the gift giver regarding the acceptance status of a breakage warranty.
You can transfer breakage warranties registered to your account to others by logging into your account and clicking on "My Warranties," then selecting "Transfer Breakage Warranty."
Please contact our customer service  for assistance.


Please contact our customer service for assistance. Alternatively, you can ask the sender to initiate a new breakage warranty transfer.

If you do not wish to keep the gift, simply do not accept the breakage warranty. The sender of the gift will not be notified.

You must be logged into your Collector’s Club account to receive a 3-year breakage warranty. Please contact our customer service for assistance.
o register a product for breakage warranty, a valid receipt is required. Therefore, you should ask the gift giver to transfer the breakage warranty to you through our website or provide you with the receipt so you can register the product yourself.
To register products for breakage warranty, you need a valid receipt, and the product must be purchased from an approved retailer. This is usually not the case for corporate gifts, so they cannot be registered for breakage warranty.

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