A radiant ray, a playful palmetto. A lavish piece of lace and the swirl of a soft swing. Iconic pieces coming together to play. Royal Copenhagen’s design archive is vast; spanning grand works of art to everyday porcelain pieces, many of which have grown to become treasured icons of Danish design history, gracing tables and homes for close to 250 years – iconic patterns framing iconic moments.


Blue Fluted Plain was created in 1775 and to this day the collection is known and loved across the world. As the first ever collection from Royal Copenhagen, Blue Fluted Plain is known as "Pattern No. 1". Therefore, the number 1 is painted underneath every single piece of Blue Fluted Plain porcelain, as it always has been.

Set the Table with Blue Fluted Plain

New Iconic patterns

Blue Fluted Plain is and will always be the most iconic pattern from the Royal Copenhagen porcelain factory. However newer and more contemporary collections have also become popular due to their forward-looking handpainted patterns such as Blue Fluted Mega, HAV and Royal Creatures.

While HAV and Royal Creatures depict the ocean surrounding Denmark, the Blue Fluted Mega collection is a modern reinterpretation of our classic Blue Fluted Plain pattern. The Blue Fluted Mega pattern has become a modern design classic for the table.

Set the table with Hav, Royal Creatures and Blue Fluted Mega


While new collections becomes new classics, The Blue Fluted collections are perhaps the most iconic in the history of Royal Copenhagen. Together, they create the familiar patterns that radiates history and legacy.

FINE CRAFTSMANSHIP - Blue Fluted Full Lace

Blue Fluted Full Lace was originally designed in 1775 and is thereby one of Royal Copenhagen's earliest collections. The collection represents fine craftsmanship with its immense level of detail. Each perforation in the laced edge has been carefully created by hand and the laced detailing is handpainted by Royal Copenhagen's talented painters.

A SOFTER CHOICE - Blue Fluted Half Lace

In 1888 the Blue Fluted Half Lace collection was born as a softer alternative to the intricate Full Lace collection. The Half Lace collection has the same richness as Blue Fluted Full Lace, but the captivating laced edge is not perforated and thereby the collection has a softer expression.

The SOFT LACE - Princess

The Princess collection is decorated in charming lace and looks inviting with its simple and romantic expression. A feminine, hand-painted laced edge frames the classic white porcelain. The collection was originally created as a tea collection but in 1978 it was introduced as a full dinner service. A new icon with an understated and elegant expression was born.

The feminine laces on the Princess collection reveals a close tie to the Blue Fluted collections. The delicate, classic expression in the collection can effortlessly be combined with other pieces in Royal Copenhagen's collection of porcelain - allowing you to create new and personal expressions.

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Blue Elements is nothing short of a lovechild; a beautiful union of historic grace and artistic mastery. Designed by Louise Campbell in 2011, Blue Elements melt some of the most iconic elements from Royal Copenhagen’s collections together in a new and contemporary way.

Each piece in Blue Elements follows its own structure, where the form is defined by the function and the hand-painted blue decoration is intended to compliment the meal. From the deconstructed patterns and elements that play, to the hidden gems and secrets that surprise us every day. Let Blue Elements bring energy and playfulness to your table. 

Set the table with Blue Elements