Helle Høgsbro Krag's Signature Space

Our world is filled with talented individuals. Inspiring characters that are true artists in their own way, their homes reflecting their passion, artistry and personal take on creativity.
A signature space.

In this series of portraits, we hear their stories and experience their home. Meet Helle Høgsbro Krag who invited us into her home in Copenhagen.

What thoughts have you had about the interior design of your home?

"I'm absolutely in love with colors. When you hang a picture on a coloured wall, the result is absolutely beautiful. And if you paint a dark floor, it instantly becomes cozy, even in a small room. I don't think you should be afraid of colours."

Where do you find inspiration for your interior design?

"When I travel and when I'm at the Maison & Objet fair in Paris. I plan my vacations a lot based on what I want to visit, for example, if I've heard about a good flea market or Svensk Tenn, which is the next place I'm going to visit in Stockholm."

Helle's favourites

How do you like to set the table?

"The tablecloth almost never comes on twice at my place; for me, the tablecloth is the most important. That's when I bring out my Seagull dinnerware, which our guests have seen many times before. It's the tablecloth that changes; it could also be a piece of fabric or a bedspread. The tablecloth is never the same.

When I set the table with the Seagull dinnerware, I might use an underplate, a ceramic plate inside a very large pink plate, or one from a flea market. So, the dinnerware gets mixed with unique finds that bring something different."

"I like it when Royal Copenhagen collaborates with artists like Cathrine Raben Davidsen. When I buy porcelain from Royal Copenhagen, it's a stamp of good quality, and it's special that it has existed for so many years. It just can't get better quality. It just can't get finer. I'm not a snob, but still, I really like it."

"I'm very fond of my Seagull dinnerware. My husband, Jonas, found a complete set with a soup tureen, gravy boat, serving platters, and bought it as a gift for me. Even though it's not worth the same now as when I got it, I'll never part with it."