Rikke Baumgarten's Signature Space

Our world is filled with talented individuals. Inspiring characters that are true artists in their own way, their homes reflecting their passion, artistry and personal take on creativity.
A signature space.

In this series of portraits, we hear their stories and experience their home. Meet Rikke Baumgarten who invited us into her home in Copenhagen. 

What thoughts have you had about decorating your creative space?

"My decoration style is eclectic and encompasses various design and art directions. I like unorthodox combinations of colors, textures, and styles. It's a bit like our collections at Baum und Pferdgarten, which are also characterized by a diverse look. At Baum und Pferdgarten, Helle and I have always celebrated our differences, and it's this diverse duality that is the DNA of our company."

What do you associate with Royal Copenhagen?

"I associate it with something very classic, beautiful, and blue. Royal Copenhagen has always been a part of my history; my mother had a platter that I loved and took with me when I moved away from home. The first cups I invested in were Royal Copenhagen's Musselmalet cups. Today, I have various Royal Copenhagen sets that I mix and match in my table settings."

Rikke's favourites

Are there things in your home that hold special meaning for you?

"We have many lovely pieces, both heirlooms and more recent acquisitions. But I must admit that all my children's creative creations hanging around are my darlings. If I were to point out one of my favorite photographers, whom we also have hanging, it would be Trine Søndergård, who works in a field where there is something recognizable in her works, yet it's placed in a completely different context. It creates a fantastic tension."

What makes you feel at home?

"First and foremost, having a tidy space. I can't relax if there's clutter everywhere. But also, a good atmosphere within the family, cooking, listening to good music together, and having time to talk. I have a large garden, and I feel really comfortable there too. Creating a beautiful bouquet and placing it in a lovely vase brings me great joy and adds an extra dimension to my home."

How do you like to set a table?

"A beautifully set table is often composed of multiple sets or patterns. I don't think I have a white plate without a motif or pattern. Just like in my home and in Baum und Pferdgarten's designs, I love the eclectic, and I think the dynamic that arises is important. Blue is always on the table, as well as beautiful glasses in different shapes or shades. Beautiful flowers also belong on a well-set table."