Black Fluted Mega

Thermal Mug 29 cl

This Black Fluted Mega Thermal Mug holds up to 29 cl of warm beverages. The mug is painted by hand in shades of black and dark grey in a magnified pattern made to complement the shape. The mug's inner and outer layer form a cavity, ensuring that the porcelain does not conduct heat while keeping your drinks warm for longer time.

Black Fluted Mega proves that even the most beloved tradition can take on a challenge with beauty as the result. The collection's characteristic pattern of black and dark grey hand painted decorations embodies a dramatic contrast of monochrome beauty to the white porcelain surface. In the predominantly blue universe of Royal Copenhagen, Black Fluted Mega adds a touch of cool sophistication. 

Designed by: Karen Kjældgård-Larsen for Royal Copenhagen
Product start: 2012
Material: Porcelain

The Three Waves
Proposed as The Royal Danish Porcelain Factory trademark in 1775 by Queen dowager Juliane Marie, every piece of Royal Copenhagen porcelain is instantly recognised by the three blue waves on its underside symbolising the Sound, the Great Belt and the Little Belt - the three main waterways of Denmark.

The Signature
The delicate decoration of the hand painted porcelain is comparable to the painter own signature and like any other piece of art, Royal Copenhagen skilled blue painters leave their signatureon the underside of every piece of porcelain.

Product Article Number
International Article Number
9 cm
9 cm
10.5 cm
29 cl
Zoom billed af Sort Mega Riflet Termokop 29 cl
Line drawing of Black Fluted Mega Thermal Mug 29 CL