A table set with the classic White Fluted Half Lace Plates. A table set for a birthday breakfast with the family or close friends.


Beautifully unpainted, White Fluted Half Lace allows the craftsmanship to take centre stage. The half-laced rim on each piece shines in pure white along with the hand carved flutes, resulting in an expression that is romantic and versatile. Created in 1888 by Artistic Director Arnold Krog.


The characterful charm of White Fluted Half Lace stems from the romantic lace adorning every piece of the unpainted collection. Elevate everyday moments to cherished memories in the company of your loved ones and a beautiful table setting of delicate craftsmanship. In the collection you will find functional pieces for any occasion.

The elegant mugs and cups and saucers are perfect for the coffee table, adding a romantic touch to cosy moments with friends and family. Filled with tea or coffee, the 33 cl high handle cup and the 26 cl thermal mug are ideal to be used for peaceful mornings. Complete the morning table with the classic 100 cl teapot and a small 35 cl bowl ideal for cereal and fresh berries. The charming cream jug and sugar bowl with lid are perfect additions to a dessert table, which looks stunning in a full collection of White Fluted Half Lace or even a personal combination of different collections from Royal Copenhagen. In the collection are also plates in sizes ranging from 17 cm to 27 cm. Each plate stands out with a timeless elegance in any table setting. The small plates are useful as dessert plates and lunch plates, while the large plates add a romantic touch to a candlelight dinner with your loved ones.

Serve your dishes in the many serving pieces in varying shapes and sizes. Classic, round bowls and oval dishes look elegant on any table, while the square bowl stands out amongst the organic shapes. Elevate your table setting with the small, leaf-shaped dish and the oval dish, which are useful as side plates or as small serving trays for chocolate and cakes.

The unpainted beauty of White Fluted Half Lace is beautiful on its own, while it can also be used in a combination of hand painted collections from Royal Copenhagen in a personal setting of classic porcelain.