Framing a lovely bouquet can be just as important as the flowers themselves. A beautiful vase is a timeless treasure and, when skilfully designed and hand-painted by Royal Copenhagen, your vase is sure to look good, even while it gracefully waits to be filled again.


The unique shapes of Royal Copenhagen vases can be filled with flowers or stand out by themselves as decorative elements in any room of the house. The vases are made by specialised craftsmen who handmake the timeless styles of carved flutes, delicate glaze and hand painted patterns, which characterize any piece from Royal Copenhagen. Fill a vase with cut branches and flowers of the season and place a small piece of nature on a tea table, a hallway cabinet or a small bed table.

Classic vases from 12 cm to 20.5 cm in Blue Fluted Plain are hand painted with a historic pattern of florals. The same vase design is available from the collections of Blue Fluted Mega and Black Fluted Mega, while the pattern is replaced by magnified elements in cobalt blue or a contemporary colour palette of black and light grey. You can also choose a 15 cm or 19 cm open vase from Blue Fluted Mega in a surprising design, which looks beautiful in a pair of two or by itself with fresh flowers. Vases in blomst send a loving nod to the historic Blue Flower collection with an angled design and hand painted flowers with a mesmerizing depth created by differing nuances of blue.

You can also find beautiful vases in the collections of Blue Elements, Princess, Blue Palmette and amongst the delicate porcelain eggs from the Spring collection. One of the smallest vases is the hydrangea vase from The Art of Giving Flowers. Turned upside down, the inflorescences of the hydrangea and a naturalistic flower stem make a romantic vase with three delicate colour options.

Every vase from Royal Copenhagen has a classic timelessness, which completes a bouquet of flowers in any and every colour of the nature.