Cecilie Haugaard - Noelle’s First Christmas

Christmas will be very special this year, because it’s our first Christmas with Noelle”, says Cecilie. Her daughter, Noelle, who was born in early 2021, is the new star in the holiday tale of Cecilie and her husband, Christopher. Noelle is also the first grandchild to join the family, making her a natural center for the holiday festivities. Besides the celebration of Noelle’s first holiday season, Cecilie and Christopher’s Christmas is centered on well-known traditions and most importantly, time well spent with family and loved ones.

Festivities and relaxation

“We celebrate a big joint Christmas with room for both festivities and relaxation, and we all try to leave our expectations behind and focus on coziness and togetherness”, says Cecilie, who loves waking up with her parents and her family on Christmas morning. “There is no end time on Christmas Eve for us and it is often late before we call it a night”.

Get inspired

References to France

The family’s Christmas is filled with traditions, walks and going to church on Christmas Eve. In Cecilie and Christopher’s own home, Christmas takes on a light and warm atmosphere with notes from France. The same goes for the holiday table, which is set with references to Cecilie’s beloved France, where she spent her childhood vacations and studied as a young adult.

Royal Copenhagen combined with french vintage

Pieces from Royal Copenhagen’s White Fluted Full Lace and White Fluted Half Lace are combined with French vintage plates adorned with flowers. Antique French drinking glasses and white candle holders add a soft mood in combination with transparent drapes and a light linen tablecloth. As a final touch, a classic French Bouche Noelle cake is served as a supplement to the traditional Danish holiday dinner.

Set the table

About Cecilie

Cecilie Haugaard (b. 1990). Master’s Degree in psychology and finance from Copenhagen Business School and studies in Paris. Model, influencer and TV personality. Has graced the covers of many Danish magazines and been the face of multiple international brands. Married to musician and singer Christopher Nissen with whom she shares daughter Noelle.