Nanna Øland Fabricius - Christmas to the Sound of Angles

”Christmas is the ultimate symbol of coming home. It is the one day of the year, where you spend time with the people who are most important to you. It represents something cozy and magical but most of all, something safe”, says Nanna Øland Fabricius, known by her artistic name Oh Land.

The Danish singer and composer has lived in New York and Stockholm for many years, and her daily life is ever-changing, adding an extra special dimension to the holiday season.

The holidays equal music

To Nanna, the holidays equal music. She comes from a family, where music and song plays an important part of their shared time, and every Christmas dinner begins with the Danish Christmas carol “Det kimer nu til julefest”. “The music, the magic, the light and the darkness are the essence of my Christmas” explains Nanna, who has composed a piece of music to frame her Christmas Table. It is a musical piece filled with all the sounds and senses that make up the holiday season.

An explosion of senses in pink and red

The musical piece sets the scene for Nanna’s eclectic Christmas universe, which is an explosion of senses in pink and red filled with bells and chimes. A furry reindeer takes center stage on the pink tablecloth, which is embroidered with the lyrics of “Det kimer nu til julefest”.

Nanna has set the table with Royal Copenhagen’s Star Fluted Christmas collection, Flora, White Fluted Half Lace and White Fluted Full Lace adorned with silk ribbon – a reference to Nanna’s adolescent years at The Royal Danish Ballet.

A wonderful mix

A wonderful mix of old glasses, cutlery, and vintage ornaments complete the table, which welcomes her own Catholic upbringing and her Muslim in-laws. A true setting for creating new traditions. “The final chapter in my Christmas story has not been written yet; the story is a snapshot of life filled with nostalgia and expectations of the future”.

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About Nanna Øland Fabricius

Nanna Øland Fabricius / Oh Land (b. 1985). Singer and composer. Has published five albums. Recipient of The Crown Prince Couple’s Awards. Knight of the Order of Dannebrog. Composer of music for the ballet” The Snow Queen” in Tivoli. Composer of music in her own name. Judge of music talent TV-show ‘X-factor’ for three seasons. Partner of musician Adi Zukanovic with whom she shares a son. Nanna also has a son from a past relationship.