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Christmas is an enchanting time. In the middle of a dark December we gather with loved ones and find comfort in traditions. But while you sit in the cosy glow of candle lights and warm yourself with a hot drink, why not allow yourself to dream? What if Christmas was a chance to do something new, grab those closest to you and disappear into a new Christmas universe where dreams and reality come together in the most enchanting of settings? This is the foundation for Royal Copenhagen’s Christmas Table Exhibition 2022.

The Dream of a Greenlandic Christmas

”If I could snap my fingers and go somewhere crazy for Christmas, I’d like to teleport myself and my guests to a tent set up in Greenland’s wilderness. Where you can hear the wind gusting through the wild nature outside while the fire crackles and the table is set with my grandmother’s porcelain,” Adam Price tells of his Greenlandic Christmas table.

Adam fell in love with Greenland ten years ago when he visited for the first time. He took that love and brought it into the new season of the TV-series ‘Borgen’, for which Adam is the creator and head writer and taping parts of the series in Greenland afforded him the opportunity to visit several times more.
Aside from meeting wonderful people and experiencing the remarkable nature, Adam also got the chance to explore his passion for hunting in Greenland

Cooking with respect

“I love cooking over a campfire and for me hunting is about an honest approach to cooking. Knowing exactly what I’m eating and being fully confident that the entire animal is used. It’s thoughtful cooking with respect for the animal, “ tells Adam, who in fact shot the musk ox and reindeer in the exhibition himself.

A table set with heritage

A Christmas dinner in the wilderness of Greenland should be festive; and what is more festive than his grandmother’s collection of classic Blue Fluted Plain porcelain which Adam has been lucky to inherit and frequently uses. The iconic Pattern No. 1 is mixed with the whimsical Royal Creatures collection and the traditional Blue Collectibles from Royal Copenhagen. Scattered around the tent are polar bear sculptures from Royal Copenhagen’s archives mixed with curiosities from Greenland.


Within the theme “An Enchanted Christmas”, this year’s exhibition explores the invited table decorators’ dreams and thoughts when their creativity is set free. With one foot planted in their own Christmas traditions and the other in their specific branch of the arts, the table decorators reach for a Christmas full of creativity and magic.

Items from Adam Price's table

About Adam Price

Adam Price (b. 1967). Screen-writer, TV host and restaurateur. Head writer of the critically acclaimed Danish drama series ‘Borgen’ and co-owner and founder of the production company Sam Productions. Co-host of 14 seasons of the show ‘Dining with Price’ along with his brother James, with whom he also owns five restaurants.

A close up of the drapes from the christmas tables 2022

Christmas Tables 2022

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