The porcelain owl also know as the Harald award is decorated for the 2023 winner

The Harald Award 2023

The Danish artist Anton Funck has decorated the 2023 Harald award

The Artist

Anton Funck is amongst other things known for exploring repetition and variation through a variety of different mediums such as paint, collage, textile and print.

The Process

Anton Funck has decorated three owls: one for the award recipient, one for himself and one for the Royal Copenhagen Historical Archive.
a close-up of the decoration process of the Harald award for 2023

The 2023 winner of the Harald award

The winner 2023

Harald of the Year was awarded to Associate Professor Cecilie Rubow from the Institute of Anthropology. Cecilie Rubow has been awarded the prize for creating a safe and open learning environment for her students. With her passion for anthropology she has inspired the students to engage wholeheartedly in the subject. She is also described as an inspiring communicator who with ease can explain complicated material.