Teapot - Morning Glory 130 cl

The morning glory winds around the Flora teapot with heavy leaves and flowers in hues of purple. On one side of the teapot, the craftsmanship and design behind the decoration is unveiled as a thin drawing beautifully contrasting the lush flowers. The teapot contains 130 cl of your favourite afternoon tea.

 Flowers have long been a means of communication across time and cultures. From the Victorian art of floriography to the Japanese flower language of hanakotoba, beautiful flowers can communicate your emotions and sentiments in the most expressive way. Each flower has its own name and meaning and in Flora they each get to shine in all their glory. A collection filled with life.

Designed by: Anja Vang Kragh for Royal Copenhagen
Product start: 2012
Material: Bone China

The Three Waves
Proposed as The Royal Danish Porcelain Factory trademark in 1775 by Queen dowager Juliane Marie, every piece of Royal Copenhagen porcelain is instantly recognised by the three blue waves on its underside symbolising the Sound, the Great Belt and the Little Belt - the three main waterways of Denmark.

Product Article Number
International Article Number
130 cl