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In The Art of Giving Flowers, every vase is shaped from a fresh hydrangea stem, hand decorated using a sophisticated technique that makes the petals appear so lifelike that you can almost smell the flowers. The vase itself is a lovely bouquet for the table. Created in 2008 by Wouter Dolk for Royal Copenhagen.


The Art of Giving Flowers is a small collection of hydrangea vases in three fresh colours. The vases are the results of a collaboration with renowned floral artist Wouter Dolk, who is also behind the blomst collection.

The 10 cm small vase is perfect for small bouquets and arrangements of a single flower or branch. Whether choosing the vase in lilac, light blue or white with delicate nuances of green, the vase is a small bouquet by itself fitting for any room. Fill the vase with cut flowers and branches from the balcony or garden and take nature inside or place the vase on a lunch table in the garden.

The hydrangea vase can be combined with any collection from Royal Copenhagen as a floral addition on a morning table between White Elements coffee cups, a lunch table with lunch plates from blomst or a dinner table with dinner plates from Blue Fluted Mega. No matter the combination, the three hydrangea vases compliment any personal collection of Royal Copenhagen.