A Blue Fluted Plain High Handle Cup 33 cl with a freshly painted name on the inside standing on a blue desk next to brushes and paint

Royal Copenhagen Bespoke - Made to order

Make your coffee or tea time truly special with a personalized cup from Bespoke or make a special gift even more personal and unique by adding a hand-painted name or initials to one of our Bespoke cups. Our skilled blue painters create the cup on demand, making your cup entirely unique.

The perfect gift

Are you looking for a gift that's truly one of a kind? Personalize one of our cups from Royal Copenhagen Bespoke and have a name or initials hand-painted on the cup. Cups from Bespoke, with their personal touch, make perfect gifts or additions to your own wish list.


How to orderĀ 

Choose your desired cup from the four options. Click on the cup and select "Personalise". Then choose whether you want a first name or initial, and whether you are right- or left-handed in relation to the location of the name or initials. Accept the Terms and Conditions, put the cup in the basket and pay at checkout.

A Blue Fluted Plain High Handle Mug 33 cl being painted with a name on the inside of the cup

Please note

All Bespoke cups are made to order and are hand painted which means that no two cups will be the same. There will be small, unique differences in the brushstrokes and that is part of the hand painting process and stamp of approval of our quality.


The cup is created to your order and painted by hand, which means that no cups are alike. The small unique differences in the painter's brush strokes is part of the handmade quality stamp. From your order, it can take up to 4 weeks before you receive the cup - first it must be painted, then fired at the porcelain factory, and then shipped from Denmark to the US. Prices starts at $185.

Please also note that payment is made when placing an order and that specially produced porcelain cannot be returned or exchanged. When painting a first name, the name can be up to 15 letters and the first name must be approved. It is possible to have double names painted with or without a hyphen. When painting initials, you can select up to 3 initials. There is breakage warranty on name cups and the cups are dishwasher safe.