Royal Copenhagen’s Intellectual Property Rights

Royal Copenhagen has a long history and porcelain tradition. From the founding of the Royal Danish Porcelain Factory in 1775 and until today, Royal Copenhagen has been known for its high quality, unique products and its distinctive and famous designs and patterns.
Royal Copenhagen has protected the names, shapes and patterns of its products with trademarks, design rights and copyrights. The Royal Copenhagen name and the bottom stamps, Fluted Pattern, Mega Fluted pattern, and parts of these patterns are all trademarks or registered trademarks of Royal Copenhagen.

In order to protect the high quality of and consumer trust in Royal Copenhagen products, Royal Copenhagen protects its trademarks, designs and copyrights vigorously. Copying or imitating Royal Copenhagen's products, or using its trademarks, designs or patterns in a commercial context for any type of products, is not permitted.

What characterizes original Royal Copenhagen products?
Royal Copenhagen's contemporary product range can be found on
You can also always identify original Royal Copenhagen products by the stamp on the bottom of the products. The stamps used by Royal Copenhagen have changed over time, which also makes it possible for you to date your product. You can find examples of stamps used by Royal Copenhagen over the years here.

To protect and preserve Royal Copenhagen's heritage, products and rights, Royal Copenhagen diligently investigates and takes action against unauthorized use of its trademarks, designs, and copyrights. Also you can help Royal Copenhagen in this fight: If you come across products that contain similar names, shapes or patterns as Royal Copenhagen products, but originate from some other company or entity, please send an e-mail to: Teija Kopio . Please also include information on the source of the products (e.g. website address, store, or manufacturer name) into your e-mail. Your help in this fight is highly appreciated.