Elevate the brief moment of enjoying an espresso with the espresso cup and saucers from Royal Copenhagen. Find your favourite among hand painted and unpainted, with or without a handle, and enjoy.

Handmade Espresso cups

The espresso originates from Italy where the special technique used for making a perfect coffee shot has been refined through centuries. Similarly, espresso cups from Royal Copenhagen are brought to life through craftsmanship processes continuously refined since the founding of the company in 1775 and today, new shapes and characteristics still emerge from the continued development of Royal Copenhagen’s porcelain craftsmanship.

The espresso cups from Royal Copenhagen come with a saucer providing a touch of elegance to the small cup. Create a new look by combining two complimentary patterns: The classic Blue Fluted Plain espresso cup and the contemporary Blue Fluted Mega espresso cup. Choose the 9 cl espresso cups from the Elements collections to achieve a playful expression. The vivid espresso cups come in an unpainted version in White Elements, a blue painted version in Blue Elements. In place of handles, the espresso cups are decorated with two flower shaped ornaments, which are inspired by the pattern of Blue Fluted Plain and the espresso cups come with a delightful saucer with room for a small cake.

The Flora collection holds an elegant set of six espresso cups, each decorated with a vivacious flower on both cup and on the saucer. The set lets you choose your favourite flower of the day or create a blooming flower garden on the coffee table. Build a collection of espresso cups from your favourite collections or find a new favourite pattern to combine with other collections from Royal Copenhagen and elevate the everyday coffee break to something a bit more special.