Valentine's Day

On Valentine’s Day, we celebrate love – with sweet words and precious gifts for the one we hold dear. It is on February 14th, a day dedicated to A Holy Day for Lovers. Make this Valentine’s Day extra special by spoiling your better half with a Valentine’s Day gift from Royal Copenhagen, which they can enjoy every single day, year after year. Or cook a special dinner on the day, and serve it on a beautifully decorated table. You’ll find lots of inspiration below.

The Perfect Gift

Are you looking for a gift that's truly one of a kind? Personalize one of our cups from Royal Copenhagen Bespoke and have a name, initials, a year, or a special date hand-painted on the cup. Cups from Bespoke, with their personal touch, make perfect gifts or additions to your own wish list.

Bespoke - a personal Valentine's gift

Give an oval dish or a cup and saucer from Royal Copenhagen’s Blue Fluted Full Lace collection as a Valentine’s Day gift.

Why we celebrate Valentine’s Day

While historians disagree on the origin, and sources are sparse, the most endearing legend has it that the day is named after a Roman priest called Valentine. When the Roman Emperor Claudius II had a hard time recruiting soldiers for his army in the 3rd century, he forbade young men to get engaged or married. Priest Valentine went ahead and married young couples in secret anyway. It is said that he was arrested and later executed on February 14th. Thereafter the Roman-Catholic church submitted him to sainthood as Saint Valentine, the guardian of lovers.

The Perfect Valentine’s Day Present for you both

Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to get your sweetheart something special – something they will remember you by every time they look at it or uses it. Spoil them with one of our matching pairs, so you can enjoy a special moment together when having dinner from beautiful plates or drinking morning coffee from elegant cups. Or have a look at some of our other beautiful Valentine’s Day gift ideas below.

a man drinking  his morning coffee from the HAV Thermal Mug before spending his day outside with his loved one

The Perfect Valentine’s Day gift for Him

If you are having a hard time finding the right Valentine’s Day gift for your husband or your boyfriend, we have gathered a few ideas that are sure to add extra joy to life’s small moments. A colourful mug from Fluted Contrast or an elegant bowl from HAV are just a few examples of perfect Valentine’s gifts for him, which he will enjoy using every single day.
If you give him one of our matching pairs, you can make your shared moments even more beautiful.

Valentine's gift for him

A Table Set in the Name of Love

Cooking a meal and eating it together is a love language of its own, and a well-set table serves as the perfect backdrop for a romantic dinner. Find inspiration below to set the table for your Valentine's evening. Spoil your loved one with a set of timeless plates as a Valentine’s Day gift for him or her, and let it adorn your dinner table on the evening itself and every day thereafter.

Give an Art Card from Royal Copenhagen created by artist Mette Hannemann along with the Valentine’s Day gift.

Send a blue bouquet

The Danish artist Mette Hannemann has created a collection of four Art Cards for Royal Copenhagen - a beautiful way to send a loved one a Valentine's greeting. The set with all four cards are available exclusively in our own stores and on