In the Elements collection, Royal Copenhagen's well-known floral motifs are allowed to grow freely and whisper old stories with a modern twist. The story can be found in the details of the collection, with the flutes from Blue Fluted Plain, the edge from Blue Fluted Half Lace, and the jagged edge from the legendary Flora Danica.

The decorations were painted with the cobalt blue color in 2011 and thus emerged Blue Elements. The collection was designed by Louise Campbell for Royal Copenhagen. Blue Elements is a part of Royal Copenhagen Exclusives, which is a collection exclusively available in Royal Copenhagen's own stores and on royalcopenhagen.com.


For 10 år siden introducerede Royal Copenhagen det innovative og legende Elements stel med Multifarvet Elements og Hvid Element. Et par år efter blev den tredje variant, Blå Elements, tilføjet. Med Louise Campbell bag designet er Elements en moderne leg med de traditionelle Royal Copenhagen mønstre, -former og -æstetik. Med en respekt for traditionerne præsenterer Elements en munter dans mellem klassisk elegance og legende uhøjtidelighed.


Designer Louise Campbell is behind the innovative and playful Elements collection. Louise Campbell first introduced Multicolored Elements (discontinued collection) and White Elements in 2008, and later Blue Elements. 


For Louise Campbell, designing Elements was a modern play on the traditional Royal Copenhagen patterns, shapes, and aesthetics. With a respect for traditions, Elements presents a joyful dance between classic elegance and playful informality.

"In my view, Elements is playful. It’s so important for me to try and say, don’t be afraid of using it, play with it, have fun with it."

a classic game changer


The Elements dinnerware and its three variations mark a profoundly new expression of classic Royal Copenhagen elements. Informal playfulness bursts in organic shapes; a cloud-shaped dish, a bowl with a narrow waist. Colours bloom in a carefully chosen but free-living palette in hues of the rainbow. With surprising details that endlessly continue to unfold for the viewer, every fragment of Elements is truly game-changing, bringing new life to a classic aesthetic.