Royal Copenhagen Collectibles three christmas figurines decorating a table

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The Collectibles is a tradition loved by many. Each year a new motif tells a unique story. Throughout the years, Royal Copenhagen collectibles have told tales about war and peace, love and unforgettable moments. Each product tells a story, and from the moment you hold it in your hand, it becomes part of your story too. Perhaps you bought your first collectible the year you met the love of your life, and another one the year you first became a parent. Or perhaps you own the entire series of collectibles.

Blue Collectibles

The new collectibles thermal mug and plate perfect for an evening in front of the fireplace

a new tradition begins

The thermal cup and matching plate are new additions to Royal Copenhagen’s Collectibles. The plate’s design draws inspiration from the historical Christmas plate, thus continuing a rich tradition. Like the plate, the Christmas cup is decorated by hand in the special underglaze spray technique, and its design is also inspired by the classic Christmas plate. The cup features a thin, double-wall insulation, perfect for keeping Christmas mulled wine hot.

The 2022 Royal Copenhagen Christmas Plate and Christmas ornament hanging from a branch and decorating the wall beautifully

the royal copenhagen annual christmas plate

It’s Christmas Eve at Frederiksborg Castle, and on the snow-covered cobblestones, the glow of the streetlamps captures the twinkling eyes of the two castle cats. The Royal Copenhagen Annual Christmas Plate has been made by hand and issued annually since 1908. Once again this year, the annual Christmas plate is accompanied by a figurine.