lush notes of spring 2022

The new Royal Copenhagen Spring Collection, created in 2018, is a lush reinterpretation of our classic floral motifs. The collection welcomes spring with beautiful, individual flowers and enlarged flower petals, luxuriously draping the eggs, bonbonniere and a small vase. Every spring, new floral motifs are added with intense colours that invite you to discover and appreciate each flower. 

the pondweed vase

Pondweed is a traditional Danish water plant, often found standing tall around lakes and ponds. As a motif on the vase, the discreet hues of red adorning the tip of the leaves goes beautifully with the Spring Collection 2022 Bonboninnere. 


The 10 cm large egg has a motif of a Tulip, skillfully developed by the talented Flora Danica painters. Here, nuances of orange and red adorn the Tulip Egg, making sure it matches the existing collection.

Bring spring to the table

Add a porcelain egg to your spring table setting as a personal salute to your guests, and combine the Flora collection with glazed white flutes for a contemporary and lush table.